Mindless knitting

Because I like to knit and read or knit and watch TV, I usually have something totally mindless on the needles. I also like to shop the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby, and they often have the “faux fur” type yarn on sale. It’s mindlessly fun to make scarves from that stuff. However. It is also incredibly difficult to see the stitches.

Last night I discovered that in my exhaustion from the previous night, I somehow left an extremely long tail of yarn in the middle of a row about 10 back from where I was. It wasn’t where I joined another ball, it was just this long tail of yarn, hanging there for no apparent reason.

Fine, I said, I can frog this baby back to that. The knitting goddess laughed. Long and heartily.

So I guess tonight I’m starting another scarf from that ball of yarn I wound up last night

It doesnt’ really look this bad and I don’t know where this photo came from
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5 Responses to Mindless knitting

  1. I did something similar when mindlessly knitting some garter stitch dishcloths with Red Heart Sparkle Scrubby yarn. I figured the yarn got wrapped around the end of the needle when I wasn’t paying attention.


  2. I bet you’ll enjoy knitting it again:) The yarn is so pretty.

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  3. Bitey Dog says:

    I can fall asleep while knitting and keep knitting. It is always amusing to wake up and see what you’ve done.

    Enjoy reworking your soft, colorful yarn! 🧶


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