One more time

If I were rich, I’d have a lady’s maid (stop laughing, I can be a lady when the need arises) to do my packing and a chauffer to drive me to NY. I hate packing. I’m not all that thrilled with the driving anymore,either. People are just stupid behind the wheel! Seriously, when you’re going 80 mph, it’s not a good idea to cut someone off who is going equally as fast as you!

Anyway. It’s time for the annual visit to the relatives. Yesterday was quite a lovely day, barely a cloud in the sky, about 78 degrees – roll the windows down and enjoy the breeze weather. There was also very little traffic, which my husband says was because it was Saturday but I’m wondering if it’s more likely gas prices. If this trip hadn’t been planned for ages, I would have been rethinking it – my car only runs on premium so I’ve been paying over $5 a gallon for some time now, and I expect here in NY that it will be worse. (Aside – how the heck did we get here? More important – how the heck do we get out of here?????)

Normally, I get here and check in and unload the car and then get back in the car and go to a relative. Then I end up totally exhausted and crash at about 10 pm. This year I decided I’m really not all that excited about wearing myself out so I checked in, unloaded the car, called the Bear to check in – he worries – and just relaxed for an hour. Checked email, checked the unsocial media sites, called a friend and then went and got dinner – take out from a local restaurant – got some groceries (milk for my coffee) and came back to the motel.

After a chat with the Bear, I had my supper, got a shower, got in my jammies and started putting bracelets together. I brought the wrong elastic, so there’s a trip to JoAnn’s in my near future. But a great niece also makes bracelets so I’ll be giving her this elastic and getting myself the stuff I need later. I read awhile, watched a stupid movie, thought about crocheting and decided I was not quite functional enough to follow a pattern at that point, had an adult beverage and hit the sack, And it felt good.

Today I’m off to visit my oldest sister, who has been my best friend since the day I was born. Since it’s Sunday, some of her kids are stopping by, and I haven’t seen some of them in ages so that will be nice. Then later, I may see one of my oldest friends. If he’s busy, I’ll head to JoAnn’s!

I’m determined to make this trip be as stress free as possible. The last time I was here was for a funeral. The annual trip last summer ended in tears – a fight with my other sister, who still isn’t speaking to me – and while there were some bright spots, there was more sadness than joy. I didn’t drive 5 1/2 hours to not enjoy this time, so I’m not going to let anyone dim my sparkle for the next 9 days. Got it? Good.

Meanwhile, Maverick is apparently adjusting well to my absence. I leaned over to give him a kiss yesterday morning, he raised his head, quickly, and slammed it into my lower lip. I was expecting a bruise but it didn’t happen, so thank the Goddess for that! He’ll be fine, and the reunion will be epic, as always.

But I only brought one book and I’m pretty sure I’m going to finish it! Oh, dear, I guess I’ll have to hit the bookstore!

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4 Responses to One more time

  1. I hope your visit is way better than last year. I think that time qualifies as the worst.
    We know why we are in this. I’ve seen the stickers at the gas pump (I did that). We are only getting out of this if we do the work, as a group.
    Enjoy your family. Relax, have fun and if you’re at the book store and are in the mood for heavy reading check out Naomi Wolf’s new book The Bodies of Others. It’s gotten good reviews.

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  2. Your Saturday sounds exactly as it should have been! The adrenaline in anticipating, packing and then driving a distance to your destination needed to be flushed from your system so that you can walk into family-drama days with fresh adrenaline. And it sounds like you brought plenty to keep you occupied when the family gets to be ‘enough’ for now and you need to retreat. I’m grateful to finally have a Kindle…the fear of running out of reading material is real!


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