In my defense ………….

I had a gift card, I was left alone, and I was in a hurry. So yes, I spent more than the gift card, but that’s a given, isn’t it? One of my dearest friends gave gift cards to Books A Million this year for Christmas. We went to the local store to use them, I picked out 3 books which were definitely going to cost more than the card, but, as I already stated, that’s a given. The clerk rang them up, I handed over my credit card, then realized, as the transaction was completed, I forgot to hand over the gift card.


Another trip was necessary. We needed to go to Hobby Lobby – that’s also a given at least once a week, I think they pump something into the air at the store that slowly causes you to go into withdrawal if you’re away from it for more than a week – and to Petsmart and there’s another BAM in that area, so off we went last night. I had a meeting with a student at 7:30, so after picking up the Maverick at 5:30, off we went, dashed into the bookstore, found 3 titles on the sale rack and one that just looked interesting inside – and their cash register is right next to the rack of Tarot decks so I will be going back there soon because one can never have enough decks – and then to the other stores, and made it home, in the wind and rain, in time to meet with the student, who only wanted to tell me he won’t be taking the next level course. Thanks for letting me know.

Then we settled down to some reading and news avoidance. Watching the “news” is an exercise in futility these days. I have no idea what’s really going on. I think there are maybe 10 people in the world who actually do and they don’t think the rest of us need to know why bombs are being dropped and why gas prices are sky high and why people in the greatest country in the world are deciding if they have enough money to buy gas and groceries – if they can find groceries – for the week.

We’re lucky. We have enough. My hoarding genes are working in our favor these days. We won’t run out of anything for a long time. Maybe by the time we do, I’ll have figured out why the hell the world went to shit in such a short amount of time.

Meanwhile, let’s go Brandon

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6 Responses to In my defense ………….

  1. I so understand the lure of spending gift cards. And they never cover the wants and desires when you use them though I still have an unused portion of one from Knit Picks. 😵‍💫 🧶🧶🧶
    The closest Hobby Lobby is over an hour away but sometimes I have to give in to the addiction and coax Mr. Aitch to go along. That’s not too difficult as it is right next to Sportsman’s Warehouse and another manly store. In my depressed (aka depressing) area we have two Walmarts, one very small Joann’s, a Kohl’s and a gazillion Dollar General stores.

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  2. I have a Michael’s about 9 miles away, and I forbid myself to go in it, at least until I’ve finished half of the crafts I have here in the middle of completion. I started watching DIY craft videos and I’m itching to try a couple of them! As for the news, I watch my local station’s midday news to get local news and the weather forecast. I get bombed enough by all of the news on social media.

    Oh, and it’s nice to meet a fellow hoarder. Well, I call it nesting, which doesn’t sound negative, and I do it all of the time!

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  3. Kristi says:

    I love Hobby Lobby!!! And the minute I start seeing the sale signs, I froth at the mouth!!!! I’m hoarding a bit too…it’s scary what a shit this world is in right now. ❤️❤️❤️


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