It’s nearly March

What a month was February. I feel like it just started yesterday and now it’s almost over. February is my most hated month, followed closely by January. (Yes, I know that January comes before February, but not on my most hated list.) We normally get slammed with snow in February. We get through January, think we’re almost done with Winter and February says, “hold my beer.” We got back to back blizzards here in 2010, and then a few years later we got about 3 feet of snow in one storm, also in February.

This year we had next to no snow – so far. I do not trust March. But fingers are crossed that the pattern continues. My mother always said that the first storm of the year sets the pattern and I don’t believe she’s often been wrong.

Not much is going on in my little kingdom. Maverick is going to daycare most days. He was home on Friday because there was meant to be ice, which didn’t really happen, but he would have been there alone so he stayed home. Consequently his weekend has been all akilter. He doesn’t do well with schedule changes.

The world is a hot mess. I have no idea how much, if any, of the “news” is real but it does strike me that a whole lot of “conspiracy theories” are being proven true. How about those useless masks? I realized the other day, after hearing the term “new normal” for the first time in a while, that was my first red flag. When I heard, a few days into the first (and only here) lockdown, that we had to get used to the “new normal,” my hackles went up and all my witchy senses went on high alert. You don’t call something “normal” unless it’s gonna be around forever and “15 days to flatten the curve” is a far cry from forever. (Or so we thought, longest 15 days of my life)

There’s something that’s making my witchy senses tingle about Ukraine. I’m not sure what it is, and probably will never know, but something smells funny. Am I the only one who thinks so?

Meanwhile, I have a class to prep for tomorrow. Because in spite of all the world going spinning off into who knows what new catastrophe, we must teach accounts recievable and uncollectible accounts, and ratios – because if the nuclear button is hit, those things will be very useful to know. And I have a tower of TP so I’m not going to worry!

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4 Responses to It’s nearly March

  1. Social media has been weaponized like never before. But sometimes there is a funny nugget. There was a parody twitter thread about this new “hero” of Ukraine, a rooster that supposedly pecked several Russian soldiers to death, all glory to the Motherland. The bird is now enshrined as a national treasure in Ukraine, a powerful symbol of resistance and his name and legend will live forever: Chicken Kiev!

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  2. I don’t know what’s up but every time I come to read your blog I have to follow again because it’s been unfollowed. I suspect someone knows we’d be trouble if we spent too much time together:)
    The Russia/Ukraine situation is weird. I feel like I can’t judge anything that’s going on. There is extra fog with this “war”.
    Isn’t it, umm, convenient that the mask mandates have been rescinded just in time for the SOTU.

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  3. February is also my most hated month, but because it is the month which holds most of the dates on which much of my family passed. Our weather here has been much the same as yours, and I keep thinking we’re overdue for a punch of epic proportions to remind us that Mother Nature is in control. Because I “stock up” and nest for winter every year, don’t eat much bread and can walk to the corner pharmacy which has a refrigerator section so I can get milk, I can make do for a whole month if needed. Also, with my luck, the great storms have been delayed because I went several weeks without a vehicle (and therefore, none to clean off and shovel out), and I have one again.

    I stopped following any news except the headlines a while ago. Of course, I fell for the big headline that Queen Elizabeth had passed away, so that tells you how gullible I am.

    Here’s to a month that passes as quickly as February seemed to and hope for the return of spring weather sooner than later!

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