I haven’t blogged in a while, because as others have said, I just don’t know where to start anymore. The world has gone barking mad. Abso-fuckin-lutely barking mad.

Here in my little kingdom, Covid has been over for a very long time. It’s rare to see more than a few people in a week wearing masks. The only thing we really hear about it are those whiny ass commercials ‘Don’t you worry now!” (Fuck you, I’ll worry if I want to)

We don’t hear much about Ukraine, just enough to go “Hunh?”

Apparently the laptop has been real all along but will the contents mean anything? How can 50 so called experts swear it’s a myth when they know full well it’s not?

Classes have started. “Submit all homework in Excel” was explained the first day, as well as how to obtain a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 – it’s not actually free, it’s part of their tuition, but do we expect them to know that? (I actually tell them that and they’re pretty astonished. Hey, all that shit you think the college is giving you? Remember that fee you pay? Yup, you’re paying for that shit whether you use it or not.) Fast forward to first homework assignment due – “I did this on paper, can I just take a picture with my phone and submit it that way?” How about no. “But……..” How about “NO?” Sigh

Maverick has chosen to forget everything he ever knew. Every. Bloody Thing.
Dear Maverick. The price of booze has gone as high as gas. Mommah can’t afford to drink as much as you’re making me do lately. Please get your shit together again.

I have enrolled in an online training course. It’s either that or strangle him and I love him so that’s not really an option. Pray for me.

Then there’s the slap. I kinda don’t care except everyone else seems to. My thoughts, and only mine – If I rolled my eyes at a joke aimed at me, my husband would laugh even harder. If my husband stood up and stalked towards the joker, I would have been yelling, “What are you doing?” If my husband had slapped said joker, I would have not been in my seat when he returned, I would have been leaving the building. If he felt I needed protection from words, he would have left that up to me. If he felt I needed protection from bodily harm, get out of his way.

I don’t think children need to learn about sex and gender in kindergarten. I think if you’re teaching that to children, you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself what the fuck is wrong with you? Can we please let kids be kids again? It’s not bad enough we shoved them into masks and told them if they acted like normal kids they were gonna kill grandma for two years. Do what you want but leave the kids alone.

I should be grading homework but I seriously need a TA. I hate grading homework. I suppose I could just not assign it? Nah, the powers that be wouldn’t be impressed. Sigh

Back to work

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7 Responses to Slackerishness

  1. I haven’t blogged for awhile either.
    Covid is over in my area, too. My B-I-L wants to get the next booster. WTF?
    The laptop is so old news for me. I don’t have cable tv and do not listen to MSM news. Anyone with a brain knows why it was hidden and banned from discussion. They all need to just go away. To jail preferably. FJB
    Sounds like some students don’t understand “no”. Or listen.
    Maverick: get your 💩 together for Mommah. Seriously. Is it legal to mail alcohol in PA? What can I send you?
    Slap some sense into people.
    Hey, teacher. Leave them kids alone! Other than basic biology, sex and gender topics should be left to the parents. Period.

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    • I have plenty of booze currently but thanks for the offer! I’ve seen several polls that say that anywhere from 10 to 13% of those who voted for Biden wouldn’t have had they known about the laptop. That’s more than enough to change the results


  2. Bitey Dog says:

    🤔🙄🤷‍♀️ I think these guys sum up how we’re all feeling.

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  3. I’ve missed you writing the thoughts that are in my head:)
    There must have been a memo for the dogs that the humans didn’t get. Myles has decided that eating the food he has eaten since he was weaned isn’t fit to eat. This is the dog who would whine and dance around the kitchen while his plate was prepared and then gobble it in seconds. I wish he could talk and tell me why treats are still eaten with gusto but the expensive raw food is now off his diet.
    I didn’t see the slap but did catch the replay multiple times when it became the most talked about “news” story the next day. My husband thinks it was a planned stunt. I think if I had been the woman I would not have wanted my husband to do anything. I would have had my people arrange a friendly interview the next day to discuss my alopecia and turned a bad joke into a learning opportunity.

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    • Maverick and food have never been friends but he’s gotten worse the last couple of days. He looks at me like I’m trying to poison him. However, he, too, will gobble down the treats.

      My husband also thinks it was planned. I think it wasn’t. We’ll never know, really

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  4. I don’t know if the slap heard across America was planned or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. My feelings are: Okay, you’ve had your 15 minutes of fame now, boys. Whether planned or not, you got yourselves in the spotlight in a unique way. Now, let the rest of us go back to what we think is much more important in our lives.

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    • It wouldn’t surprise me either. The ratings for the Oscars have been going down faster than gas prices are going up. This got a lot of attention. Also – and this is conspiracy theory me – apparently Pfizer has a new treatment in process for alopecia- guess who sponsored the Oscars.


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