It’s Monday and it snowed

I braved the driveway to take Maverick to daycare because he does not care if it’s snowing, or blowing, or whatever, he must get a walk or go to play. Walk was out of the question, the local parks don’t plow the paths – and I don’t expect them to, the roads are far more important. Maverick disagrees. So the Bear plowed the driveway and I only slid a little going out and a little coming back, and only had to sit for a minute in the car when I got home till my legs stopped feeling weird.

I have an appointment at 1 and I’ve been debating all morning about rescheduling. I’ve decided to go because at this point, the slush is melting and the wind will dry up the mess and I just want to get it over with. (I have a minor medical thing that needs checked every year to make sure it’s still minor.)

It will no doubt be a shock to my system to have to wear a mask. I picked up meds for Maverick last week – his allergies – and the vet is now requiring them again. I pulled the one I carry for this sort of thing out of my purse – chuckling to myself that I have no idea when that baby was last washed, but it’s all theatre so slapping it on my face will make someone less terrified – and very shortly, had to turn around and pull it down. No, I can’t freakin breathe. Perhaps because I’m constantly congested at this time of year (another reason to love winter) so put something over my mouth like that’s a good idea. Thanks, Lord Fauci. (By the way, if you have an IPhone, you can make certain words trigger an emoji in messenger. I won’t share what “Fauci” triggers. But my friends find it amusing. )

Classes start this week. I had a long talk with my dean about some of the things I’m hearing from students, she is absolutely the best boss ever. She messaged me later about taking on an upper level class for the second half of the semester. This is something I have wanted for a long time. When I started teaching accounting at my college, we had one class. A couple of years later, we added the next level. I taught both, Principles 1 and Principles 2. As time went on, more classes were added and I think I taught all but Governmental and Tax – I seriously hate Tax and know next to nothing about not for profit or governmental accounting. Then the college hired a person who was intent on teaching the upper level courses and for many reasons, she was given those courses. It didn’t really matter that the students didn’t like her and didn’t do well with her, she checked off many of the diversity and inclusivity boxes and that’s a huge thing in academia these days.

However. I’m not sure if she’s no longer there or if they’ve finally woken up, but my current dean is very interested in me teaching these courses, and that makes me very happy. Since the panicdemic started, I haven’t been on campus. I don’t want to be on campus. She’s totally happy with that because it makes me available for her – she’s in charge of virtual classes.

So I will be prepping a new class like now. Also on the table is getting serious about dog training. I have a million books (don’t scoff) and access to tons of videos and I just need to actually do the work. This dog of mine is way too smart, and knows how to not only get what he wants, but how to push all my buttons, and then make my heart melt, all in the space of about 15 seconds.

So there may – or may not – be another storm this coming weekend. There was a local group of “weather weenies” who accurately predicted a huge storm several years ago, a storm that every other group missed. They made the local papers and the news, and it went right straight to their heads. It also made them forecast crazy totals for pretty much every storm after that one, and then go back and edit posts or delete them completely to make it look like nope, they never said that! Someone mentioned them the other day so I checked out their page, and yup, still at it. For a storm that was predicted to be 8 inches at the most, and then only in the higher elevations, they were predicting 12 to 18 inches. As it became obvious they were totally wrong, the posts with those numbers disappeared. However, people had taken screen shots and were posting them in comments. Today, the whole page has mysteriously disappeared. I recently read 1984 again. (Highly recommend if you want a view of what’s happening to us now) I couldn’t help thinking of it – those posts and that page went into the memory hole and that’s that! What’s amazing to me, and probably shouldn’t be considering the world today, is that this group STILL has a loyal following. They haven’t gotten a storm right in years, but these people RELY ON THEM TO KEEP US SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn, that sounds familiar. I wonder if Dr. Fauci works for them?

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16 Responses to It’s Monday and it snowed

  1. It snowed about eight inches here. Mr. Aitch and I cleared off the driveway this afternoon. He used the snowblower and then we both shoveled the heavy, compacted snow that the plow deposited at the end of our driveway.
    Ok, I have an iPhone and (of course) had to try typing Fauci in messenger. Nothing happened. No emoji appeared. 🥺. I must be doing something wrong.
    Good luck with your new classes!

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  2. It will no doubt be a shock to my system to have to wear a mask. Pics or it didn’t happen. Meanwhile, keep in mind that we have always been at war with East Asia.

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  3. Ok. I thought it was iPhone messenger. I quit Facebook.
    C’est la vie,

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  4. Bitey Dog says:

    Does Maverick like snow at all? I tired Toby out just letting him run on his long leash. Of course, our 10″ of snow is nearly as tall as he is.

    When I went to the dentist last week, I needed a mask. Like you I reached into a pocket and pulled out one that hadn’t been washed in forever. Oh well, safer than air, right?

    Congratulations on possibly getting those upper level classes!

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    • Maverick loves the snow and would play all day. He also loves the cold – I have to force him inside sometimes.

      I wore the same mask yesterday that’s been in my purse for months. Yup, that’s sure safe


  5. Congrats on getting Maverick to day care with minor anxiety. Congrats for getting through the mask-wearing without suffocating. Congrats on the new classes you get to teach!

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  6. ReginaMary says:

    I am laughing out loud! I love Maverick and totally get the ‘gotta go outside’ bit. My husband re-read 1984 around the same time the pandemic started. It was purely coincidental. It was one of those audio books for a buck things. It was rather eerie to see the parallels.

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    • I’m glad I made you laugh! Maverick’s routine when we get home in the evening is – first, get a chewy, then get a cookie, next get a drink, sniff food and turn up nose, then demand to go outside and bark awhile. After that, get petted till Mommah’s hand goes to sleep and then maybe eat a little unless Mommah can be convinced to play. Then and only then eat supper. Next, bug Mommah till she ignores him and he takes a much needed nap

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