What I’m currently reading

I read a lot. A LOT. My husband says I always have my “nose in a book.” Well, my dear Bear, it’s preferable to having my eyeballs glued to the TV, so hush. (He teases me, but I’ve heard him tell his friends that he relies on my research abilities and “If she doesn’t know something, she’ll find a book about it and learn as much as she possibly can.” )

I read fiction. I read nonfiction. I read a plethora of dog training books because they fascinate me.
Currently, I’m on a mission to read more classics, and to knock down the out of control TBR pile.

So far this year, I’ve finished 6 books. (I count audiobooks as “read” because I think it’s just stupid if you don’t.) Two of them were audiobooks, the others were “real” books. (If you don’t count audiobooks, do you cound e-books? Hmmmm?)

I keep track on Goodreads and in this super fun planner Peachy talked me into buying. (She’s also a very bad influence when it comes to books, half my TBR pile is her fault.) (And I love her for it)

She gave this beautiful copy of A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeleine L’Engle – this was one of my favorite books growing up and I’ve read it several times. Last night I decided it was time to give it a revisit, and I’m loving it as much now as I did when I was 13. My best friend had her own bedroom in the attic of her home, and I so envied her that room. Meg Murray was my hero, as a gawky, unpopular, homely kid, she gave me hope that it would all work out someday. (It did. Note to teenage self, he will find you and your dreams will come true just when you think they won’t.)

I’m reading Meet Your Dog, by Kim Brophy

The subtitle says it’s game changing and I have to agree. I’ve learned a great deal about why dogs do what they do, and in a way that’s letting me change my perspective about why Maverick does some of the things he does, and my reaction to those behaviors is changing as well. I’m seriously loving this book.

Today I hope to finish listening to this book:

I love this series, the characters are great, the author is wonderful, I’ll be looking for book #9 as soon as I’m finished with this one. (I couldn’t get the audiobook site to open, so the link goes to Amazon, sorry)

I’m also reading

I can only read a few pages of this before I get so angry I have to go do something else. I’ll do a full review when I finish this book.

Also reading:

I’m not listening to this, but couldn’t get a better picture

This takes place near where I grew up, and very close to where my sister currently lives. It was a Kindle First Reads so I grabbed it, and it’s actually pretty interesting. An unsolved murder will always get my attention, and one connected to Twin Peaks, and with local connections, yeah, I’m in.

I haven’t decided on my next audiobook. Up next on the TBR pile are A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (thank you, Kristi), Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, and The Tenant of Windfell Hall. That should carry me through February! (Maybe!)

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19 Responses to What I’m currently reading

  1. I should get Meet Your Dog for my neighbors but I doubt they’d read it. I’ve been meaning to read Karin Slaughter and want to find the listings of her series in order so I can begin at the beginning.
    I can so understand not being able to read much of the Fauci book at one time. Just the mention of his name makes me want to spit.

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  2. A Wrinkle in Time is my most favorite book ever. I read it so many times as a kid. I couldn’t wait for H to read it. She loves the series (I only read the first one).
    I made it about half way through RFKjr’s book. I was getting really angry and sleeping poorly at night so I put it down. I’ll get back to it. I look forward to your review.

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  3. Bitey Dog says:

    I used to be a voracious reader, but problems with my eyes have made me pull back. I look forward to hearing your opinions/summaries of the books you are going through.

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  4. Karma: Fauci’s book scrubbed. I’m pretty confident that this one wasn’t on your list anyway.

    Expect the Unexpected: Ten Lessons on Truth, Service, and the Way Forward, by Dr. Anthony Fauci was set for publication on November 2. But now the 80-page book has disappeared from the websites of major booksellers without any explanation amid criticism of some of his emails in the first half of 2020.

    The original Amazon listing for Expect the Unexpected said the book would offer “an intimate view of one of the world’s greatest medical minds” and “universal advice to live by.” It also promised to offer a “unique perspective” on leadership and expecting the unexpected in difficult times.

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  5. I still have the original of ‘ A Wrinkle in Time’. I am actually not happy to learn it’s a series, so I will just stick to reading and rereading that one.

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  6. I’m a bit envious that you apparently have your nose in multiple books at the same time. I can’t do that because I get characters and storylines confused. My favorite reads were my series of Nancy Drew books, and I wish my mother hadn’t given them away all those years ago, because I’d love to reread each and every one of them. In 2021 I set a “goal” for number of books to read for the first time and set it at 70. I was over that number by September and ended the year at 101. This year I set my goal at 125. I’ll have 14, and maybe even 15, read in this month alone. It’s either too cold to go out or too hot to go out, so I spend a lot of time reading!

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    • Nancy Drew, Tricia Belsen, Bobbsey Twins – I think I read all of those too. That would be fun to reread them! I’ve always read multiple books at once. Last year I think I read 80. I go in spurts where I read for hours and then I’ll have a couple days where I barely find time for a page. I have too many hobbies!


  7. yarnmama10 says:

    I am looking forward to your review on the Fauci book. I have read lots of classics. Oddly I have never read A Wrinkle in Time. It’s shocking really that I haven’t and I have no explanation for it. Must get to that one this year. I am currently re reading the Outlander series before reading the new release from this past fall.

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    • I read the first three books of the Outlander series years ago. I thought about watching the series but I don’t get much time for mindless tv these days

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      • yarnmama10 says:

        It’s not my typical genre either. I got sucked in when I got my first eReader, the original Nook in 2010. The first book Outlander was a free Friday book. I haven’t really been tempted to watch the series though.

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      • Honestly, my recollection of the books was that there was a lot of sex and violence. I’m fine with reading that sort of stuff but not so much watching it. I got my first e-reader when my husband bought me a Kindle. I still have that one, it still works but I’ve since upgraded a few times.


  8. yarnmama10 says:

    Same on the sex and violence. There is a good story line in the series though or I would have ditched it completely. I have both Nook and Kindle. I have the newest Oasis and the Glowlight plus.

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