Be prepared

The weather fearcasters are saying we’re going to get snow on Sunday. They’ve been saying this for over a week, the snow total has gone from 20 inches on Monday to 9.5 inches on Monday, to 2 inches on Monday and 5 on Sunday.

The National Weather Service posted that people should refrain from posting model runs and snow maps before today because things change so quickly in the world of weather. (See above)

Several people commented on that post, and on posts from other weather pages, that they need to know at least a week out so they can be prepared.

I live in Pennsylvania. That’s that sort of rectangle shaped state in the northern section of this great country. Here’s a fun fact. Pretty much every winter, at some point, it snows in this part of the country. I grew up in Upstate NY. It also snows there, pretty much every day all winter long. At some point in December, depending on how cold it is, we rotate clothing, putting t-shirts and shorts away and pulling out the Cuddl Duds and turtle necks. An extra quilt goes on the bed, coats come out of closets and we locate the boots that we happily shoved in the back of a closet around March of the previous year. The Bear makes sure the truck has a full tank of gas, that there’s gas for the snow blowers, puts the mower in the shed and pulls out the shovels. We make sure we have kitty litter for the sidewalks, salt for the places Maverick can’t reach (salt is bad for puppies) and we have an extra bag of bird seed. I check on our Chewy orders, have to make sure we have extra food for the kid. All of this and more we do for Justin. (Y’all know Justin. Justin Case.)

Unless you moved to the north from Florida about a week ago, you ought to know that all this should be done – every freakin year. Yes, there have been years with no snow (those were the best!) but it’s rare, and I’ve yet to see a year with no cold weather.

So if you aren’t prepared more than a week out, you’re a nitwit.

I went to the grocery store this morning. Friday is my normal shopping day, but I went early because I knew that everyone would be out buying up all the milk, eggs and bread. (I’m grateful that I was able to get all of the above, because we needed them, not because we might get snow.) The store was a zoo. I saw more masks than I’ve seen in a long time, that’s really weird, it didn’t take long to get used to seeing faces again. (The saddest part of my day was seeing a child of maybe 4 years old wearing a mask. How the hell are we going to convince these babies that faces are meant to be seen?) I got most of what was on my list. I saw a lot of empty shelves. I muttered “Let’s go Brandon” more than once.

The most recent update has us at 1-3 inches of snow and then turning to rain. To me, it’s a total waste of Mother Nature’s time to snow and then rain and wash it away. Just bloody well rain and get it over with. So hopefully everyone is totally prepared for WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!! a week out.

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17 Responses to Be prepared

  1. Bitey Dog says:

    Don’t talk about weather forecasts a week in advance, but trust us that we know exactly how the climate will behave 1,000 years in the future. 🤔

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  2. The panic shopping is the same here. I avoid the store if a storm is coming.

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    • I try but it’s my normal day to shop. I once got kicked off a weather page when a second storm was predicted within days of the first and people were crying they had to prepare. I asked what the heck they did with all the crap they bought just s couple of days ago!

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  3. And if it doesn’t snow you are still better prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. Win-win.

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  4. ReginaMary says:

    It’s remarkable. With the slightest threat of snow, people here act like it is the apocalypse. They drive like ass hats too.

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  5. Oh, yes, hit the SNOW panic button. Izzy is coming to a neighborhood near you!!!
    We are in the 1-12 inch prediction. I’d rather have snow than cold, bone-chilling rain and ice. We have plenty of food. I just hope we don’t lose power.

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  6. So, I’m a ‘nester’ every winter for Justin. I double up on my pantry items and make a lot of broths (beef, chicken, ham) to freeze from which I can make a multitude of soups with the pantry items.

    I live alone, and seldom travel more than a mile away from home – grocery stores, banks, pharmacies and our one fast-food place are all within a mile from me. To me, stocking up for a cold and possibly snowy winter is no more than going from grocery shopping every week to grocery shopping every other week like I did at the onset of the pandemic.

    I’m glad you have Bear to look after you, and I’m glad you have Maverick to be the crazy pupperoo he always is to keep you occupied.

    In my next life, I want to come back as a weather reporter. It’s the only job I know of where you can be wrong and never get fired for it!

    Stay warm, my friend!


    • This, to me, is common sense. I stock the freezer all year, and the only things we might run out of would be milk and eggs. I have a neighbor who has chickens so that’s not a major concern and we always have bottles of water for Justin. It’s 15 degrees out today and Maverick is whining to go for a walk. I’m grateful for long Johns!


  7. LDSVenus says:

    I live on SS so I only buy groceries once a month anyway since I only get paid once a month. I’m always stocked up because i hate to run out of things when I want to make something yummy :P.

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    • Start stocking up when you can. It’s getting bad and I fear is going to get worse

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      • LDSVenus says:

        I do, I try to keep ahead of what I regularly use, meat when it’s on sale, flour, sugar, honey, salt, spices, baking powder, yeast and baking soda, and we can’t forget chocolate :P, as it would be catastrophic if I ran out of those lol. Eggs will last a month or so past the use by date on the carton so I buy an extra dozen or two as needed, and butter. Milk unfortunately has a non stable use by date, I’ve had milk sour before the date or last a few weeks past, sigh. I only cook with milk, I have to drink a non dairy milk. I always pick up a few extra cans of stuff when they are on sale checking the use by date, and the paper goods I use. 🙂 It’s like a game 🙂

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      • It really is, and it’s something I never thought I’d see in this country. I wonder what my parents, who lived through the Depression and WWII would think

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  8. LDSVenus says:

    My dad went through the depression after WW1 and after his dad died when he was 8 (not war related but with pneumonia because there was no penicillin yet) he said it was hard. So hard his mom that after a year or so after his dad died, had to put him and his 2 brothers in an orphanage so they would have food to eat, She kept his sister at home with her. She sewed but no one really had much to buy stuff with. I hope we don’t have to relive my dad’s stories!

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