Best Friends, Broken Bones and Blessings

A week and a half ago, my BFF broke her wrist. She fell, landed on her arm, broken wrist ensued. She was on vacation, and I couldn’t be with her and it was totally awful.

She babysits her grandson every week and with a broken wrist, she can’t pick him up. Her grandson is the most wonderful baby ever born, by the way. I am totally and completely gobsmacked by this baby. (Yes, Kristi, that’s one of my favorite words too.)

I said, “when do you need me to help?” Last week I got to help babysit twice, this week will be just one day.

I’m very sad about the broken wrist. I’m very happy by the extra time I’m getting with my BFF and the best baby ever.

There are 5 of us who call ourselves the diamond ladies. We do diamond art and have dinner and are all very different and we all adore each other. Tomorrow, two more of the diamond ladies are going to help babysit. We’re also going to do a manicure for BFF, who cannot trim her nails. (How to put on a bra with one hand is another discussion entirely!)

And we will laugh and love on that baby, and enjoy each other’s company and have a wonderful afternoon.

So a broken bone has become a blessing. I’m not sure BFF would totally agree – she’s the one dealing with the pain – but for the rest of us? I’m not glad it happened, but I’m so glad for what it’s brought about.

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7 Responses to Best Friends, Broken Bones and Blessings

  1. Bitey Dog says:

    Last year my neighbor had an almost identical fall and broke her wrist. She felt miserable needing assistance. If only these ladies knew how happy it makes us to help! (Tell your friend to just skip the bra until the wrist gets better.😝)

    Enjoy the special days together and getting to visit with the most wonderful baby ever!

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  2. God works in mysterious ways. Good things can come from bad. I hope your BFF heals quickly.
    I broke my wrist many, many years ago. I couldn’t drive with the cast on my arm and hand so I had to bum rides to and from work. I worked in the display department at JCPenney and one of my jobs was to change clothing on the mannequins. I needed help disassembling them as I couldn’t get a grip on the arms or torsos with the cast. Fun times! Not.

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  3. It’s so nice to be a blessing to others!

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  4. LDSVenus says:

    Please give your BFF my condolences on her broken wrist, I fell at my Dr’s office (yes at the Dr’s office they now know I’m a klutz) a couple of years ago and broke the joint under my little finger (a boxer’s break I think they call it). I’m sure a broken wrist is exponentially worse, ugh. Yeah the bra thing was no fun, I left my bra hooked up put that ouchie arm through the arm hole and then lifted the bra over my head and pulled it down and slipped my other arm in, cos yeah there was no way putting it on how we usually do. Tell her that the physical torture, I mean therapy, isn’t very fun either, or maybe it’s better if you don’t tell her :P, the only thing nice about that was the heating pad they put on it for a few mins to warm up the muscles so they could do their thing. sigh. Glad you are there to help her out because it really is a huge hassle having to do everything one handed, even showering (have to keep the cast dry).

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  5. ReginaMary says:

    What a good friend you are! What a win-win-win!

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