I should be grading

That sentence makes me start humming “you should be dancin, yeah!” I think my friend and I saw Saturday Night Fever 10 times at the theatre and I still don’t know all the words to that damned song, but I will dance every time I hear it played.

Also, I should be grading. It’s the last roundup and I have 3 more classes to do. In their wisdom, the powers that be created a final with fill in the blank questions, and the automatic grading system is marking students’ answers as incorrect if they’re not exact. If someone puts a comma in their answer, it’s wrong. No, it’s not. So on top of grading the last minute homework submissions and the final projects, I’m going through all the exams and regrading those questions.

I have 5 classes, so approximately 100 students. And the little darlings all want their grades NOW. So they email me, “when are you going to update the gradebook? I turned in my work 5 seconds ago!”

So far I have refrained from responding, “if you would stop emailing me, you entitled little shit, I would have the grades done.” (I need my job)

I’m spoiled, I guess, I’ve been working steadily for three and a half hours and I just don’t want to do any more!

Piffle. At least my upper level doesn’t need all their exams checked. I love teaching. In about a week and a half I’ll be down to one class, and this is one I haven’t taught in years. Next week should be a week off, but I’m still deep in creating content.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, there are people who are blaming the former president for ships that are currently sitting in a harbor with all kinds of stuff going bad, and we’re being told we might not have Christmas – guess what, we’re not having Christmas anyway because my family is a bunch of Grinches, but that’s another blog post.

I guess everyone will get a bracelet, I’ve got plenty of those!

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11 Responses to I should be grading

  1. LDSVenus says:

    HAHA you always make me laugh. I loved (still do) the Bee Gees and all their music ;).
    I’m with you, how in the world can they think any of this economy breakdown as President Trumps fault? The economic and other programs President Trump put into place were running smoothly but were removed by the current administration shortly after they got into office in Jan, so all this upheaval (overrun borders, higher utility bills and gasoline, a growing inflation that lowers our buying power, the devastating withdrawal from Afghanistan abandoning Americans over there who can’t get out and are in fear of their lives, weakness of the US globally, and a national debt that could choke a whale) is squarely on this administrations shoulders now. And oh yeah, higher taxes for all will begin because 3 trillion does not replicate by itself no matter what the current President says! Anyone who thinks it will only be a tax on the rich sincerely has no clue.

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  2. Kristi says:

    Oh, Susan…I should be grading too but my iPad games are calling my name!!!

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  3. Didn’t you learn anything from The Grinch? Christmas isn’t about presents or wrapping or even Roast Beast!

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  4. I have pretty much learned to erase the words “I should be…” from my vocabulary. I know that, if something needs done, I will get it done before a deadline, and “should be” feels like living up to the expectations of others. I am not celebrating any holidays for 2021 – my holidays in the past 15 years have been small affairs to begin with, and cooking a feast for people who are only here to eat and take leftovers home got to be too much work. My bestie and I are the only ones who have exchanged gifts in the past, and we’ve agreed that ongoing, our gifts for holidays and birthdays will be coordinating doing something together to create an experience and/or memory. It’s working out so much better! Now quit reading your blog replies and go grade papers!

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    • Two classes are completed, of the three left one has 8 students so that will be quick. It will be done today or tomorrow. Christmas here is much the same, a big meal where Bear and I do the work- I’ve said, “so who’s doing the dishes this year?” to be met with laughter so I don’t bother anymore. My 4 closest friends and I exchange gifts, have a meal and share love and laughter and that’s my celebration.

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  5. Do you grade on a curve? Santa will be more generous if you grade on a curve. Otherwise, coal is in your future.

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