It’s a miracle

I hardly ever watch TV. I grew up with parents who rarely watched much TV, my father watched the news, my mother liked game shows and half hour comedies, my father liked a good western and in later years he would watch the night time soap operas with me. Seriously, the man was addicted to Dallas and Knots Landing – although he often confused the women because, “dammit, they’re all blonde and they all sound alike!” But those he delighted in watching with me. He also loved to watch a good scary show and would announce half way through that he was going to bed, and I could watch the rest alone, at which I would demand he stay up and finish it with me or I’d have nightmares. He would laugh and always stayed up till the end, but he did love to tease me with that.

At any rate. I married a man who is addicted to TV. It goes on first thing in the morning, and he used to leave it on all night but I can’t sleep with that mess, so he doesn’t do that any more, thank goodness. The point is, I’ve seen more commercials than I really ever cared to see. In recent years, it seems that at least 85% of all commercials are for some prescription drug or other. They all follow the same format. First they tell you how this particular drug is a miracle cure for some disease that maybe 12 people in the world have but the drug company has sunk a ton of money into, so now they’re advertising like hell so thousands will think they have this dread disease and run to their doctor asking for this particular drug. This is followed by the warnings. “Don’t take this crap if you’re allergic to it because we know you’re that stupid that you will if we don’t tell you that. Tell your doctor about all side effects. This may cause all sorts of strange things and increase your risk of a million other things. But in spite of that, ask your doctor for this amazing drug!”

Every. Single. Drug.

Enter the Rona. I like to call it the “we’re all gonna die except for 99.9% of us” disease. Enter the panic, and the rush to create a vaccine. Next up? Demand that everyone get said vaccine.

Have you once heard about possible side effects? Have you once heard about a possible allergic reaction to this vaccine? Have you heard much of anything about any adverse affects?

Why is that, do you suppose? Is it a miracle that something has finally been discovered that can be injected into your body and not one single person in the world has an allergic reaction to it? Not one person has an advere affect?

It’s a freakin miracle! Let’s go Brandon!

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22 Responses to It’s a miracle

  1. Bitey Dog says:

    Oh Brandon, it’s a miracle! No side effects!

    I have noticed a number of ads pretending to address people’s concerns about the vaccines such as “Should I wait (to get it)?” They never discuss actual thoughts like aluminum levels in all vaccines. For some who already have aluminum poisoning, this added load is a real worry.

    I know a number of people who got both shots yet still ended up with covid. The talking heads claim that these folks are less likely to end up hospitalized because of the vaccine, but how do they know that? On what data do they base their judgement of these individuals?

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  2. I am thanking God that I don’t have regular tv. We cut the cable about 10 years ago. Haven’t missed a thing. We do watch IMDb and Peacock which have commercials but we mute the sound and make up our own content. I’ve noticed they run a lot of “woke” commercials. BritBox is commercial free. 👍🏻
    I’m waiting for the day when someone tells me that I did the right thing by resisting this “vaccine” and that they regret receiving theirs. I’m sure I’ll be waiting a very long time….

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  3. Bitey Dog says:

    I just finished that article. Ignoring how it sounded frighteningly like Germany of the last century, one intriguing point stood out. It said that the vaccine seems to suppress the body’s ability to respond to all threats. I was wondering if that power might some day be harnessed for good when helping people with autoimmune disorders. Maybe something positive can come from something awful?

    Have you noticed the prevalence of autoimmune disorders among middle aged people? This is the same generation that “benefited” from a ton of vaccines as children. With an autoimmune disorder the body starts attacking itself. I liken it to a dog that is bored. If you don’t give him something to do, he is going to find something to do, and chances are you are going to consider it destructive. Might we have accidentally sabotaged ourselves by denying our immune systems its natural activity?

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  4. I watch very little TV, so what advertising I’m exposed to is minimal. Right now, it’s all about open enrollment for Medicare for 2022. But, yes, I certainly see quite a few pharmaceutical ads as well. I always roll my eyes when I’m told, “Don’t take X product if you’re allergic to X product.” Well, how am I supposed to know if I’m allergic or not if I’ve never taken it?????

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  5. One day we will meet in person and I will hug you.
    As I’m sure you’ve guessed I’ve been absent from my blog recently. I so want to talk about what I see but I don’t have the words. I find it impossible to believe that a conscious person could find anything that’s going on normal. And yet so many do. Are they in denial? Are they ignoring the obvious? Do they have a pulse? I just keep coming back to common sense isn’t common anymore.

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    • I feel like they have to deny what they know is true to keep from being overwhelmed with guilt and fear. I honestly keep thinking about Nazi Germany and how people allowed it to happen. I saw a comment on a tweet about Fauci and the puppies – I paraphrase but it was something like “it doesn’t personally affect me so I don’t care. You should get the vaccine!” Is that how Hitler did it? “My family isn’t Jewish so I don’t care?” Was that the attitude?
      And I have missed your posts! Someday we will meet and share a hug – and perhaps by then the world will make sense again

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  6. ReginaMary says:

    You are too funny. I was home from work a few day last week and I could not take the commercials on tv. I rarely watch anything besides some college football. It was unbearable.

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  7. I watch football and the news. I’m thinking of cutting out the news because I end up talking back to the TV and raising my blood pressure. On the other hand we got our booster shots this week.

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