My college decided to change the accounting curriculum about 2 years ago, and in doing so, split good old Accounting 101 and 200 into 4 seven week classes instead of the traditional 14 weeks that had worked well for a very long time. Apparently they never heard the old maxim “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Hey, we’re talking academia, where the motto is “if it isn’t broken, we will break it, and put it back together so that it will definitely need to be fixed in a year or less.”

When I sent in my request for classes, there was only enough room for 5 classes – no one is allowed to teach more than 18 credits without special permission, the old accounting classes were 4 credits each so 4 would put us over the limit. Adjuncts are only allowed 12 credits, because we are the peons. (In other words, we are often peed on.) I wrongly assumed that I would be able to request more classes for the second 7 week period. Well. You know what happens when you assume.

About a month ago, I sent a message to the Dean, who is a seriously wonderful and sweet woman, and I am so lucky to be able to call her a friend as well as my boss (she sent me a sympathy card after I messaged her that I needed to cancel classes to go to my brother in law’s funeral. Actually, I asked her what I should do and she said, “do what you need to do for your family, one missed class won’t hurt anyone”), and said, “Umm, I have no classes for the second seven weeks.”

Within an hour I had been assigned a class I haven’t taught in a few years. The book is different (and it sucks, by the way), some of the material is more suited for grad school than community college, but I’m kind of excited to be teaching an upper level class again. For several years I’ve been relegated to the lower levels – seniority and experience mean nothing when you’re an adjunct. (See “peon” above)

Teaching 5 classes is stressful. Prepping a class I haven’t taught in ages is also stressful. The department chair created slides to go along with the new book and quite frankly, they suck. I’m in the process of not only making them pretty but adding a whole lot of content. This will be a remote class, so I have to teach in real time, and since I don’t want to sound like a bumbling fool any more than I actually am, I’m also writing up lecture notes. And Maverick is home from daycare with a cold. (The vet has strongly advised that he be kept home for this month, and when Dr. Dave says to do something, he is one of the few people I will obey without question.)

I am slightly frazzle pated. In an effort to find some stress relief, I started making bracelets. Pictures have been posted on Fakebook because if I can sell them, I can buy more beads and more charms. And then I went and opened the Etsy store, and now I have to figure out how to put up a banner and a few other fun things there and I’m absolutely astonished that people have actually commented and want to buy them. Design ideas are swimming around my head, charms are way too much fun to buy, and seriously people, I should be writing lecture notes!

And so I prove once again that no matter how busy I am, I always find time to do the things that bring me joy. Did I mention that I’m also working on a diamond painting? The amazing thing, I will be freaking out the day before the class starts, and then it will all come together. And I’ll still find time to make a bracelet, sew some doll clothes, do some diamond art. And read a book or three.

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15 Responses to Charming

  1. Bitey Dog says:

    Dang, I wish I were as good as you! (Looking forward to seeing some of your new bracelet designs in future posts. 😊).

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  2. I could be wrong, but I sense that your subconscious sets up your life to be ‘challenging’ simply to keep you in the present. I mean, how could there be any time for a walk down memory lane or dreaming of the future with the kind of schedule you keep? And I, too, am excited to see the Etsy link when you’re ready! I know you’ll keep putting one foot in front of the other and get it all done!

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    • Oh, I take many a walk down Memory Lane while my hands are busy! I was raised by people who didn’t know how to be bored – my mom was teaching a nurse how to crochet potholders the day she died- so
      it always baffles me when people have few interests. The downside is that when I’ve had times on the disabled list, I’m a horror!

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  3. Looking forward to the Etsy link, too. IMHO the busier one is the more one needs an outlet of joy. I, too, was raised by people who didn’t know how to be bored. When I hear of people that don’t want to retired because they wouldn’t know what to do with their time, I’m like Huh? 🤔

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  4. ReginaMary says:

    You have a very full class load. I am happy to hear you are successfully finding time to decompress with your crafts.

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  5. You’ve mentioned Doll Clothes a few times. What types of dolls do you make clothes for? You might consider selling on eBay, also.

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  6. I can never understand why people feel the need to fix things that aren’t broken. My daughter’s college did all classes in the 7 week format. It was miserable for her. She’d just get to understand the material and the teaching style and it was time to move on. This surely doesn’t benefit students and it’s not benefitting you so I wonder who is benefitting.
    I hope your new small business takes off:)

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  7. I’ve been thinking about this post and I have a concern. With all the many activities that fill your days and nights I am afraid that Maverick may be getting short shrift of the attention he deserves. So, I highly recommend that you get a Golden Retriever puppy to keep Mav company whilst you are busy on other endeavors. Please discuss this with Bear – I am sure he will agree that adding another dog just now makes all the sense in the world. For Mav.

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