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It’s been a week and a half in about 4 days. Well, that’s kinda normal for me, but it does get tiresome some days.

While I was away, the Bear forgot to give the Terror his allergy pills. On rereading that sentence………… the Bear forgot to give allergy pills to the Terror. It sounded like the Bear forgot to give HIS allergy pills to the Terror, which would probably be a good thing since the Bear doesn’t take allergy pills.

I digressed. The Terror – aka Maverick – was without said allergy meds for a total of 4 doses, from Thursday night till Saturday night. On Sunday, he was snotty and sneezy. Well, who would have thought?

However, a month ago he had a bit of a cold thing that’s been going around the doggy world – according to Dr. Dave, our very smart, very caring, and by the way, very good looking vet, it’s nothing serious and not to worry. Because it’s also contagious, Maverick was home from daycare for two weeks.

I’m a planner. I know at the end of today what I’ll be doing tomorrow. I make lists and I cross things off as I complete them, and while sometimes things get an arrow next to them because I’ll get to them tomorrow, I’m pretty good about making sure everything gets done.

I get little done when Maverick is home. I also have a very short list of things I plan to get done when he’s home.

My plans this week included catching up on the stuff I didn’t get done while traveling to NY and back. So in spite of the snotty nose and sneezes, I took him to daycare, fully convinced that he was merely suffering from a return of his allergies. (My own Fall allergies are in full bloom, by the way.)

Tuesday, he was no different. I don’t know if it takes time for allergy meds to build back up in your system, I’m not a doctor and don’t pretend to be one. (I am NOT Dr. Pawci!) Nothing more than allergies crossed my mind. At 4, I got a message that he was sneezing all over and showing all the symptoms of the previous cold/flu/doggy virus. I picked him up, insisting it’s allergies, but the daycare won’t take him back while he’s sneezing.

So I called the vet, got more meds – doxycycline, which he was on when this first started and is basically a precaution against any secondary infection that might occur. Maverick is now home for who knows how long?

I suspect there will be a lot of alchohol consumed in the next few weeks. The good part is that my crazy teaching schedule will be over in a week. That will leave hours for training, although I’ve discovered that a few minutes of training is better than an hour. Someone gets bored and then someone else gets annoyed, but a few minutes of “go to your rug,” which translates to “run into the family room, circle the rug and then jump on it with all four paws before dropping to a down and then looking at Mommah with a big grin” makes him happy.

My planner is lighter but my load is not for a bit. So if you have any spare minutes lying about that you don’t need, would you mind making a set of slides about Process Costing for me? Oh, and a set about Equivalent Units of Production would be appreciated too.

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11 Responses to There’s a blog post in there somewhere

  1. MaxTheDog says:

    I hope the Mavster feels better soon. Out here there’s a whole lot of media coverage being focused on canine influenza which seems to be spreading like crazy among the four legged set.

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  2. Bitey Dog says:

    I didn’t realize there was a dog bug going around. So, will you mask Maverick or just quarantine him for two years? Is he an “essential” dog? If so, maybe he can get his vaccine sooner.

    I know nothing about making slides. Would you like me to send my extra minutes to you instead?

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    • I suggested masks for Maverick and he growled quite loudly. He’s essential to me! And yes, I’d love some extra minutes.
      In all seriousness, the vet says this is basically a cold and he hasn’t seen any dog becoming seriously ill. You might want to talk to your vet because of Max’s health issues though

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  3. So how many hairs have you pulled out of your head this week? You lead an interesting life – never a dull moment, it seems. I’d love to come and take Maverick off your hands for a few hours every day, if I could. It’s perfect weather here for walking to the dog park and letting him burn off the excess energy. Oh, and sorry, you’re talking Greek to me about the projects you want someone to do for you, so I’m no help!

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    • I wish you could but alas, dog parks are a big no when your dog has his parts intact. As long as the weather is good, I can let him be outside and he’s content to ram around in the back yard. However, rain is predicted for next week. Every. Stinking. Day.


  4. Sorry about you sniffling, sneezing fur baby.
    I would happily make slides for you if you don’t mind that they would be all wrong and make no sense. I have attached some extra minutes and adult beverages for you. Use them wisely.
    🍷🫖🥃🍹🧉🥂🍻 ⏱⏰🕰⏲

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  5. LDSVenus says:

    I hope Maverick feels better soon, hate when things put a chink in the armor of your plans, because then you have to re-prioritize and figure out which things can really be put lower on the list. sigh. Wishing you some peace and a faster pace 😛

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  6. ReginaMary says:

    Poor Maverick!! Puppy snot catastrophe!

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