Anger and Frustration

I’m about to get really political so if you don’t want to read it, consider yourself warned.

I’m not a child. I haven’t been a child for a lot of years.

I’m also not stupid. I have three degrees, one in English Lit and two in Accounting. I am not what you might call “uneducated.”

I know how to research. I’m pretty good at spotting bullshit. I’m also skeptical of anyone who says, “just trust me!” Yeah, not gonna happen. I think the older you get, at least for most of us, the less you trust the government, so when the government says, “trust us, this is safe, it’s great, it’s for the good of everyone,” I tend to go, “yeah, I kinda doubt that. Who’s making a profit off this?

About 18 months ago, my best friend and I attended a high school musical. We LOVE musicals and we love high school musicals because some of those kids are amazing – and some are so awful that we just can’t stop laughing. (I know, we’re horrible people, but we don’t laugh till we’re heading home so stop judging.) We went to the first on Friday evening – it was a very bad performance of Sister Act but we had a great time. I was starting a sore throat. I was sucking on cough drops and she was laughingly tell me to breathe on anyone but her. (This is one of the reasons we’re such good friends)

On Sunday, we went to our second show – Mary Poppins – which blew us away, it was truly amazing. I was still suffering from the sore throat, which had also turned into a random cough. I felt fine except I couldn’t talk much – always a problem for motor mouth moi – I assumed it was a cold and that was that. Colds aren’t all that contagious after a couple days anyway, so take your Vitamin C and shut up, Susan.

On Monday, the world shut down. Both of those musicals were packed, people almost in each other’s laps. I sat next to my friend’s 85 year old father. Not one person – read that again – NOT ONE PERSON – got sick.

By Tuesday, I was coughing a lot. I don’t get chest colds often, but other than the cough, sore throat and being tired, this felt like a normal cold. Wednesday, I took Maverick for a walk. We walked 1/2 mile, I struggled to get him in the car – I was exhausted, he was not – and was totally out of breath by the time I got in the driver’s seat. So I came home and called the doctor because by then we were all certain we were gonna get this Covid thing and die a horrible death. My husband told me later I sounded like his mom in the last days of emphysema. (Thanks for not sharing THAT till I was better!) The doctor – whom I trust completely – pronounced me suffering from bronchitis – something I get every 10 years or so – gave me meds and sent me away. A week later I was fine.

Two years ago I could walk into a store, coughing my brains out, and get sympathetic looks. No one asked for my vaccination status. No one asked if I’d been vaccinated against measles (no), mumps (no), or anything else. This was America. We were free, we did as we pleased for the most part, we lived our lives without a whole lot of fear or a whole lot of rules – sure, some of the rules we had didn’t make sense, but most of them did.





How the hell did we go from a nation of pretty damned independent people to THIS shit, where the “President” is going to MANDATE that I GET SOME FUCKING VACCINE that I DO NOT WANT and try to limit my rights if I choose to say no to him? Who the hell does he think he is??????????????

IF this thing had been tested the same way other vaccines have, over years, and IF this thing was even proven to work – see “breakthrough infections” – then I MIGHT consider it. It would be MY choice, not his. My parents are long dead. I don’t need a daddy telling me what to do. I am angry – and I am frustrated, because it feels like I’m shouting into the wind and no one is trying to stop this shit.

Where the hell are we going to end up?

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11 Responses to Anger and Frustration

  1. I felt fine except I couldn’t talk much.” Or, as Bear says, sometimes God answers prayers. I know…shutty, shutty. Anyway I was just kidding. I don’t get into political discussions on the web, but I have this one small offering: if we track back all the changes in our country that restricted freedoms, gave enhanced authorities to government or created fear, I believe that they all trace to 9/11. One event changed America. I hate to admit it but Osama Bin Laden won.

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  2. I hope you’re feeling better. It stinks to get sick, even more so in this political climate. We’re taking lots of extra vitamin D (like 4000-5000iu) along with our usual vitamins.
    I agree we can trace our loss of freedoms to 9/11. It worked so well to say we have to protect everyone. Now they’re using the same for masks and the vaxxx. People are being a lot more compliant than I would have thought. Few ask questions or actually research. The vaxxx is not approved contrary to what the mainstream media says. Masks are completely useless. Yet so many shrug their shoulders and comply.

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    • The first time someone told me to “just comply!” when masks were first mandated, I knew we were in trouble.
      I think, though, that someone needs to remind these idiors that the more you push people, the harder they did in their heels All that speech tonight did was strengthen my resolve. If I ever DO decide to get this jab, it will be for none of the reasons he outlined

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  3. Natalie K. says:

    I love this so much. Not what’s happening, obviously, but I do love this post. It’s nice to see there are other sane people out there. Unlike my friends, two of whom are doctors, who are both vaccinated and want everyone else to be, too. Keep in mind these people know that I survived a (somewhat harsh) case of Covid last December. (It sucked at the time but I’m fine now.) Not only do I oppose the vaccine because it’s so new and experimental, but for those of us who’ve had Covid, there’s no reason to even get it! Natural immunity is a thing!

    …Okay, I’ll stop ranting. I guess I need to get my blog set up properly again so I can rant. 🙂 But just wanted to say that I love your blog.

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    • Thank you. I’m fairly certain that my “bronchitis “ was Covid, and if not, the “intestinal virus” I g go ad last summer certainly was. I want to start asking everyone what meds they’re on and demanding they make life style changes. Blood pressure meds? No salt for you! Diabetic? No sugar for you! Lactose intolerant? Hand over that ice cream NOW! Peanut allergy? NEVER LEAVE YOUR HOUSE AGAIN!

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  4. yarnmama10 says:

    I wish I could say I didn’t see this coming from the beginning but I would be lying. Especially when it comes to the vaccine. I am admittedly shocked at the acceptance and shaming by the majority of the American people, but not at the strong arming by the government.

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  5. ReginaMary says:

    Love you. Love hearing your opinions. Love talking about things here and not shutting one another down.

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