Wandering thoughts while avoiding grading

I sometimes think I’ll just give up assigning homework because, to be perfectly honest, which I always am here, I hate grading the stuff. It take up my entire Sunday and I’d much rather be doing things like sewing or making bracelets (new craft addiction here, stretchy bracelets), or reading something other than the text for the new class I’m prepping – that’s a whole nuther blog post.

But alas, I assigned a short paper and a short “go to this website and read the page and answer 7 questions” paper. Not a lot, but I have a plethora of students. (I used that word in one of my remote classes and one of my students used it in an email later. I was so proud! Hey, someone was actually listening!)

I recently read a book titled The Rent Collector. I should really blog a review but grading – you know. It was a truly wonderful book, get it. I said so.

Maverick has an upper respiratory infection. It’s not kennel cough, it’s some nasal drip and sneezing. He’s on meds, but seems to be feeling perfectly fine. He has been banned from daycare for a bit, so Mommah’s not happy. Nor is he. However, he isn’t teaching five classes and praying for good weather so he can be outside and not a major distraction during said classes, which would not have been undertaken had Mommah known that he was going to be home during the class meeting times. The words “shit shit shit” and “fuck fuck fuck” have been uttered loudly and fequently this past week. (I am very grateful that he’s not sick, that he’s getting better, just annoyed that this happened now)

I don’t think anyone teaches students how to figure things out anymore. Also, I don’t think they teach basic grammar. I just graded a paper in which a student said someone didn’t have no experience doing something. And you, child, don’t have no idea that’s wrong. What?

Maverick had to get his second bath in two weeks today. That’s what happens when you play in the mud, Little One. Yes, he is still “Little One.” Had you ever seen Max, you would know why he was “Monster Boy” and this kid is “Little One.” There’s about a 30 lb difference between the two. That’s one of many differences by the way, but I love this little terror equally as much as I love his angel brother.

And it seems that daycare will be closed for two weeks. I guess I need to go check the liquor cabinet

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13 Responses to Wandering thoughts while avoiding grading

  1. LDSVenus says:

    plethora – Greek word meaning fullness, which is definitely a great word for over abundance or excess :). I actually like that word a lot. Sometimes I dig into my Latin vocabulary just to irritate people :P. I had to take a “basic” math course in college and it ate my lunch (long story I chose my own classes, seemed easy enough arranging them, but I should have let my counselor do that.) I was going to be an elementary teacher and when that math was over my head I changed my major to English (my favorite subject in school, loved diagramming sentences, yeah I know I’m weird.) But dang still have to have the math class so I quit after a year and 1/2 of college. If only I had understood what math course I was taking, sigh, basic technical math LOL, I only needed a basic math course, the technical meant nothing to me at all, but engineering students love it :P.

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    • I loved diagramming sentences, and I loved trigonometry too. I love using big words correctly- messes with people at times.

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      • LDSVenus says:

        HAHA, yes it does 🙂 yeah I just needed a basic math class and what I got was Trig, Calculus, Geometry and Algebra. In high school I had one year of Geometry and Algebra and I barely passed Algebra, but the other two in that college course were way over my head. I’m a science, history and word nerd :). Wanted to be a medical research scientist, but couldn’t do the math :P, so teaching young children or English were my next choices.

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  2. Bitey Dog says:

    So how is that liquor cabinet?

    Schools will never be blamed for teaching problem solving. If only the way to navigate the world were by regurgitating information, students would do well.

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  3. Back in the dark ages when I went to school (in person of course) the teachers would have us swap papers with our desk neighbors and correct each other’s work. Now I understand why:)
    After watching a recent video on Project Veritas I understand why kids know so little. The classroom time is being used to recruit and teach anarchy. It explains a lot.
    I hope Maverick feels better and he can go back to day care soon. Do you think they spend the days teaching him anarchy?

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  4. Dear Maverick, please get better soon! You being sick makes your poor mommah even sicker – sick with dealing with you being sick and sick with how dealing with you being sick messes up her life! Mommah needs the money she’s spending on meds for you to spend on liquor, little one!

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  5. Kristi says:

    If you need anyone to help you with your liquor cabinet, just holler and I’ll hop on a plane today!! Love you!!!! xoxo

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