Shop or work? That is the burning question this morning

I have no plans today till later this afternoon, picking up my sister at 3:30 and having dinner with my oldest nephew at 4, so the day stretches before me, wide open for whatever I choose to do.

I should take the opportunity to work. I have a lot of grading to do for my students and work to do in the class I’m taking. I’m a week ahead in that one and I’d like to stay ahead. I have work to do in the class I’ll be teaching in another month as well. I have few distractions here, unlike at home when Maverick is demanding attention and there’s a lawn swing calling to me, and a plethora of books I’d like to read.

However, I have to go out to the store to get something for a light lunch, a jug of milk – I bring a small coffee pot along with me and make my coffee each morning, and my milk is nearly gone so it must be replenished. I want to make another trip to the cemetery to visit my parents. The cemetery is half way to the shopping plaza. Kohl’s is calling my name. But then again, I really don’t need anything, and it’s just more to pack to take home.

Phew, I think I talked myself into working. My friend is coming over later tonight and bringing me violet cuttings to hopefully grow, and taking cuttings from the ones I bought on our trip to the nursery. Where we got lost. And finally decided we should just get an apartment and live on Ann St since we kept ending up back there. (There was a detour that Stephanie* was not aware of and she kept trying to send us over a bridge that was closed. And non-existent. No bridge there, Steph, and my car can’t fly!) If you must get lost, I highly recommend doing so with my friend Bob, you will laugh till you have to pull over for fear of crashing the car because you’re doubled over and crying. I digress. He’s also bringing me fabric, so there’s no need for me to go to the store and shop for that.

However, I do need shelves for the violets I purchased so there’s probably a trip through the wonders of Amazon.

Two more days here, then off to visit another friend, overnight in that town, and then home on Sunday. I am ready to be home. I miss my Bear, and my puppy, and my friends. Family is wonderful, in small doses, once a year. I am grateful that I don’t have to experience larger doses, more regularly. (Yesterday’s WTF moment was when my sister informed me that I needed to get the Covid vaccine. I responded that I might eventually. She said, “well by then you won’t need it!” Pretty sure my face showed my “Hunh?” reaction, although the holes in my tongue got a wee tad bigger)

*Stephanie is my GPS. I didn’t name her so I’m not sure why she’s Stephanie, but “Stephanie, shut the f up, the bridge is out,” kinda rolls off your tongue!

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9 Responses to Shop or work? That is the burning question this morning

  1. Our GPS is named Garmina. And she gets us lost. A lot.

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  2. My husband’s GPS is called Caroline. I keep mine in my head. I love to tell my husband to go a different way than Caroline is suggesting so I can call her a bitch when she freaks out. I’m easily entertained;)
    The only shopping I enjoy is yarn shopping so I’d veto any other kind:)

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  3. My GPS goes by the name of Jill. I really didn’t name her – Jill was the name of the female American voice I chose to tell me directions, so Jill it is.

    I hate shopping in general. An occasional stop at my favorite thrift store and, when absolutely necessary, a trip to Walmart with a list, are more than enough for me. I’ve gotten spoiled by Amazon – they always have what I want when I can’t find it anywhere (surprise, Luden’s wild cherry cough drops I had as a child are available on Amazon!) and I don’t have to lug it to the car, out of the car and inside! Sounds like you’ve been working overtime on tongue biting!

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    • the holes in my tongue will never heal, I swear! I like to shop for fabric and yarn and books. I like to shop with friends, but that’s more of a shared experience than actually buying stuff. Walmart is not normally on my list, mostly because it’s in a not so great section of town.

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  4. STACY says:

    The struggle is real.


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