It’s a beautiful day to go visiting

Or so I’m telling myself.

We’re going to visit my oldest sister today. By we, I mean me and my next oldest sister. There are only the three of us left – two have gone to their respective eternal resting places many years now.

I’m trying not to be trepidatious. (There’s your big word for the day.) We’re leaving at noon, it’s an hour drive, probably visiting for no more than two hours, and then an hour back. She has not offered us lunch so I’m going to grab something before we go because I will get hungry and then hangry and then weepy and then straight into “if you look at me sideways and you don’t have food for me NOW, I will cut your eyes out and eat them with a nice chianti.” I know, hard to believe that anyone of my sweet nature could possibly turn into a raving, ravenous beast from Hell, but it happens. When the growl starts and the only intelligible words from my throat are “FEED ME NOW!” then SOMEBODY better be moving their ass to get me some damned food.

I don’t normally eat lunch till around 1. I’m going to eat lunch at 11. I will choke down a sandwich and pray it stays with me, because the other part of this story is that it’s meant to be 92 degrees, and we will either be sitting outside under an umbrella, or inside a trailer with little a/c. (I am spoiled, you all know that, shutty about it. I am no longer used to homes without central air or several working air conditioners. It’s 92 freakin degrees, people! Get the damned a/c working!)

I suppose the worst that will happen is I throw up or pass out. Le Sigh

I have to teach tonight. The internet here is spotty at best. Thank the Goddess for a fun group of students who will be amused rather than annoyed if I get booted offline.

Stay cool everyone, and don’t forget to hydrate!

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15 Responses to It’s a beautiful day to go visiting

  1. Sounds like a full and, I’m, interesting day. Be good to yourself.

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    • it will be interesting. Currently noshing on an everything bagel with cream cheese, I decided breakfast was better than early lunch. Must make sure all seeds are removed from teeth crevices or I’ll be sure to hear about it!

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  2. That should have been *um* instead of *I’m*. For some reason I can’t see my comment to check for spelling (or auto incorrect) when I use my iPad.

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  3. ReginaMary says:

    Maybe if you sit outside you can catch a little breeze. Focus on the company and the birds! I can’t have a visitor without putting food out. Probably because I am much like you. I have low blood sugar so I have to have food or I will pass out.

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  4. Bitey Dog says:

    Maybe that’s the answer: wine!

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  5. Sounds like a good event to attend whilst totally baked. Except the hangry part. I relate to that. Hangry is no bueno.

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  6. LDSVenus says:

    you made me laugh, hahaha, that reminds me of the snickers ads, you remember those?

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  7. I can’t say that I’ve ever felt so physically hungry that it’s changed my mood (I’m an emotional eater). However, I have a medical issue that makes me perspire more and quicker, and it usually manifests itself in my face and neck. I would be taking an entire container of wet wipes of some kind to swipe at and cool my face. Too bad they no longer pass out those fans you used to get at the funeral homes! I hope you survive!

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  8. I hope you survived. I’ve been known to bring food to share when visiting:) I never miss an opportunity to bake or hit the bakery.

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