Dear Amazon

you are not my friend

I think I have a problem

It’s not hoarding if you actually read the books, is it? I mean, okay, the TBR pile is 12 deep in this room but I WILL read them all. So what if there are three more TBR piles upstairs? I could be smoking or doing drugs, right?

I can’t describe the joy of finding a book I’d forgotten I owned and realizing I didn’t read it yet, it’s brand new, oh yay, THIS time I’ll read it, I really will!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with dog training books, books about how dogs learn, books about how to keep your dog amused, books that have a dog on the cover even if they have nothing to do with dog training. I find it very difficult to resist that “one click” button. On the plus side, I’m learning a ton about dogs. I seriously think I’ll be a dog trainer in my next career. It can’t be more difficult than teaching accounting, right?

Maverick thinks I’d be better served by just petting him constantly and throwing the ball whenever he brings it to me, letting him run around off leash and letting him eat the books.

This is why I buy training books.

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4 Responses to Dear Amazon

  1. I laughed because I was on Amazon tonight doing my Xmas shopping since none of my choices were destined to be cybermonday discount deals. Amazon pretty much controls my wallet with Costco taking up any remaining slack. For books I am a Kindle addict and anything I order just sits in the queue and glowers at me until I read it.


    • When the Bear starts looking askance at the packages arriving nearly daily, I turn to the Kindle. Also, I hate to pay for hard backs, so I will go to the Kindle if I really can’t wait to read a book. Amazon and Chewy – I could just hand over my paycheck. Actually, I think I do!


  2. I’ve become a bit of an Amazon addict myself! And my TBR pile is closer to 100 than to 12! I belong to and I also shop at library book sales and thrift stores. I only get a “new” book when I ask for it as a gift. Enjoy the books!


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