Break time

We changed the text book this semester, went not only with a new book but a new publisher. In today’s world, half the classwork is done online, so setting up and linking the course to the publisher’s website should be a simple process, wouldn’t you think? You’d be wrong.

Class started on Monday and it’s been nothing but trouble ever since. Also, students don’t read so there are endless posts saying essentially the same thing, and they should be grateful that I’m in front of a computer because at this point I’m screaming at the screen.

The publisher has been singularly unhelpful about the whole process. i don’t know still if I did something wrong in the set up or if they’re just having issues on their end.

I battled with this most of the afternoon. There were also endless critical emails and posts telling me that this and that was incorrect in the course. Ooops, sorry, didn’t update your checklist, how about you hang me from the nearest flag pole and beat me bloody?

So I’m taking a break. It’s either go read a dog training book or start drinking I’ve made a list of questions and will answer them later, and work on the next week’s stuff as well. I had to remind myself that I don’t have to be accessible 24/7 – I wouldn’t be for a face to face class, I don’t have to be for an online class.

Maverick had a wonderful play date today, and I’m seeing progress on a lot of fronts with him, so that’s my good thing for the day – the rest can go suck a lemon.

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5 Responses to Break time

  1. ekurie says:

    I’d go with the drink.


  2. …go read a dog training book or start drinking…

    ¿Porque no los dos?


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