Sometimes you just have to go back to bed

My day started with a puppy demanding to be outside – he chases butterflies while on a long long lead, and I sit on the lawn swing and drink coffee and try to wake up. Usually I get a few minutes before having to go out but I overslept and he wasn’t having anything to do with this slackerish behavior.

After coffee, I decided to take him to the park, even though yesterday’s walk was a nightmare. Walks should not be an exercise in rule following, but more for sniffing and exploring and not being a rocket man. (Rocket man drags Mommah under things and into things without a moment’s notice, just whoosh, off we go!)

(Mommah does not like rocket man behavior)

So I came inside to get stuff ready and was met by Hawkeye on the TV. If there were ever a more self righteous, smirking asshat than Hawkeye Pierce ever on TV, I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen one.

Immediate crabbiness – I just can’t understand the fascination with a show that wasn’t all that great the first 200 times and has totally stunk for the next 500 times.

So I got Maverick’s leash and said, “let’s go.” He went alright, in the opposite direction. He refused to have the leash put on, or go into the garage.
It was door slamming time. I walked into the garage to calm down, and get away from Hawkeye, and there was a honkin big spider staring at me.

Mr. Spider, meet Mr. Broom. Not today, you bastard, not today.

Then, I went back to bed. Because screw it all – sometimes you need to hit the reset button. And had bad dreams.

So I got up, ate spaghetti, read a book, and then we went for a walk. And a good walk was had. Bear suggested ice cream – well, yeah!

Reset, start over, and please – no dreams about losing my purse and one shoe while trying to find a train to Gettysburg

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3 Responses to Sometimes you just have to go back to bed

  1. Just more proof that when Mommah ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Did you really have spaghetti for (late) breakfast?

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  2. ekurie says:

    Funny, not funny but still made me laugh.

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