Planners and plans

About a month ago, with the grand idea of getting totally organized about this puppy training thing, I bought a planner just to record our progress and our failures, to write down what worked and what didn’t.

I started out well, I wrote down my goals and plans – in a notebook, because putting them in the actual planner was too much like making a real commitment.  I was going to start on January 1st.

Life got in the way of that plan.   I’m calling a trainer tomorrow about lessons, and that’s my excuse for not totally committing to putting this all on paper – yet.   Perhaps tonight, when the house is quiet and someone isn’t barking at the coffee pot, I can write things into the real book.

I got another planner, too, one for stuff that has nothing to do with puppy training.   I got a refill for the planner I use every single day, no matter what.

Why, I wonder, do I need so many planners?  Maybe I feel in control?  One of them is a coloring book, so it’s kind of my excuse to color instead of really planning anything.   Whatever the reason, I do love buying planners.

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2 Responses to Planners and plans

  1. ekurie says:

    Just having a planner makes me feel more organized (I’m not) and as if I have a busy life (I don’t). But I keep one anyway.


  2. I think planners are great. That is something I have always done because it keeps me organized and helps me see what I accomplished.


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