And a wonderful walk was had

by me.   It seems some days that training a puppy is two steps forward and three steps back.   Lately, walking has been singularly unsuccessful.  After another day of having my arm yanked out of the socket, or so it seemed, I decided it was time to take a break.   Maybe I expect too much.  Maybe he’s not ready.   Maybe there are too many distractions.  Whatever the reason, it’s become less than joyful to take a walk with Maverick, for both of us.

So today, I took myself to the park.  I walked 4 miles, down from my previous 6 before Maverick came home, but up from my recent 1 or 2 with him.   It was a good walk – something I’ve missed, a time to just be with myself and solve the problems of the world and feel good about sweating off some pounds.

When I got home, it was an hour of ball playing to make up for the lack of exercise for Maverick, but aside from him barking at me the whole time, it was a good hour, too.

I’ll figure out the walking thing, but not today.   And probably not tomorrow either.  I need my walks, and we need to enjoy them, not have them be an exercise in frustration.   We’ll get there.

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3 Responses to And a wonderful walk was had

  1. Dogs are so diverse. What an incredible species. Max couldn’t so a one mile walk if you bet him a bag of bacon treats. He just couldn’t do it. Legs too short, nose too curious and thousands of years of breeding as a lap and companion doggo. An hour of ball playing is equally unlikely as his version is to watch the ball go bye and wonder why I threw it in the first place. But there is a dog for everyone and when you find a good match, it’s great.

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    • Goldens are pretty active, high energy dogs. I was used to Max, who at 10 years old, would walk 1/2 mile with me and then sleep in the car while I did the rest of my laps. This kid is way more full of energy! I’m sure that by next year at this time, he’ll be going 6 miles and still be ready for more!

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