Cold, damp, ouch

The good thing about it raining all day is that I don’t have to water the garden.
The bad thing is that the damp is making my bones ache – chondritis is not my friend.
Chondritis isn’t anyone’s friend!

Got a bill in the mail yesterday for a doctor visit last month. Got a phone call TODAY asking if I want to set up a payment plan. Umm, no. When we get all your stupid paperwork, we’ll pay the freakin bill! Good Lord! And the best part was when she asked me to verify my birthdate. I love when people call ME and then ask me to verify who I am.

Sir Maxwell seems to have gotten over the peeing thing. He’s acting a bit better but I can tell he doesn’t feel well. His eyes are funny. No, there’s nothing wrong with his eyes, they just don’t look right – because he doesn’t feel well. So we’ll just have a quiet day today.

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