I knew it wasn’t cancer :)

Well, my heart knew it, but my brain went all kinds of places.   Max has this sort of weird thing on his chest – a black round thing – and it frankly scared the crap out of me.

Too many dogs have been diagnosed recently.   

Dr. Dave looked at it, touched it, squeezed it, and pronounced it……………………an inverted nipple.    I am not a religious person, rarely even do I consider myself a Christian, but let me tell you, I whispered a  “thank you, Jesus!” at that moment.   Then I told Dr. Dave I loved him.  🙂

Sir Maxwell has an ear infection.   An ugly mess, really, and I feel bad that I didn’t know how bad it is.   Dr. Dave cleaned a boatload of gunk out of his ear, gave me drops and ear wash and antibiotics and gave him a shot of cortisone.    I’m sad, but relieved.   He’s sick, but it’s not a bad sick, it’s a fix with meds sick.   Phew.   He must be feeling a bit better, he did his practice for me when I offered cheese – this is a daily routine when I fix his Dad’s lunch, Max gets a bit of cheese too.   Not for free, of course, he has to do his sits, downs, etc.   Yesterday he wasn’t even interested in cheese, so I knew something was off.   


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