Monday thoughts on Wednesday

Except it’s now Thursday
I feel like a toad
I’ve been trying to eat right and I’m stuck on this stupid number and can’t get the scale to move down.
I was terribly frustrated with Max today. I shouldn’t be, he’s actually doing better. It was just one of those days when I had no patience with anything. I don’t think he feels well and I don’t know what to do to fix that. We’re going to the vet tomorrow, and I keep telling myself not to worry, but I worry anyway.

how can you look at that face and not worry?

I should be prepping for my Fall classes and I have no ambition. I started doing some reading tonight, and Max decided he needed to go out. I decided I’d rather play with him, so there went the book.

He didn’t really want to play much. It seems like he makes everything so difficult. He can’t just go to the door to go out, he stares at me and I go to the door and he doesn’t move. I walk away from the door and he wants out. It drives me batshit crazy. I love him so much but he drives me crazy.

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