Teacher to student – and random thoughts

I’m going to be a student again for the next 9 weeks.  I’ve decided to take a class in American Sign Language, partly because my brother in law is deaf, and mostly because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.   I saw the ad, and it felt like a “meant to be,” it was a section of the paper I rarely read, taught at a place I know, and at a time that will work – so I registered last night and ordered the book and I’m pretty excited.  It’s been a while since I was a student – learning the organ doesn’t really count because that’s just for fun, and I do it when I feel motivated, no pressure there.  

Today was one of those days where you go, “holy cow!”   I got up early to spend some time with Bear.  Then Max and I went for a walk – it sometimes is an exercise in  frustration, but it always does both of us good.   He got to play with Keno for a good 45 minutes, they are such good friends, it fills my heart with joy to see them together.   So different, but so good together.   The shy huskie and the goofy golden, they make quite the pair.  Makes me happy to see Max play like he used to play with Duke, I know he’s missed that.  

Time for a short nap for Max, lunch and shower for me, then off to the nursery to get a going away present.   I brought him into the nursery, it was too warm to leave him in the car.  He was, as always, the star.   Off to school to drop off the plant, again he was the star!    And from there, the nursing home – where he was, of course, the star.  

He doesn’t listen to me at all when we’re home.  But when we’re out in public, he’s a totally different dog.   I don’t deserve him, I know how lucky we got with him.  And I am very thankful.



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