The good and the bad of it all

The good

  • we got to walk
  • Max got to play with Keno
  • I got the bathrooms cleaned
  • I read two chapters of my Finance book
  • macaroni salad!
  • Bob and Paul might be coming for a visit!
  • we have three tomatoes on the cherry tomato plant
  • blossoms on the rose bush
  • the weather was great – porch sitting was enabled
  • got a short nap


The bad

  • I’m sore
  • I’m tired of being sore
  • I’m tired

And so it appears that the good far outweighed the bad today

So why do I give the bad stuff so much power?

Bob was laughing at me when I was making Bear’s lunch, I told him I’m a good little wife.  He said, “yes, you are.”  I said, “it took me a long time to be a wife, I’m not about to screw it up!”  Later, when Max and I were out for a ride, I started crying from the sheer joy of my life – I have the husband I never thought I deserved – a wonderful man, who treats me like a princess, a beautiful home, and a dog who is pure joy, (when he isn’t driving me nuts!)  I am blessed.

So piffle on the twinges and aches and pains.  I refuse to let them rule my life any more.   🙂

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