Memorial Day

So many memories attached to this day.  At 3:00 or so, Bear and I went out to have lunch at the Legion.  As we passed the cemetery, I said to him, “About this time, Mother would be saying, ‘let’s go cemetery hopping!’ and we’d get in the car and head out.”   Every year, the Sunday before Memorial Day, we went cemetery hopping, to see who put flowers out (and who didn’t) and to comment on the quantity and quality of the wreaths.  We had to make sure we got to the Ghent Cemetery before the VFW so we could put our own flag on Poppa’s grave, leaving no room for theirs.   (They weren’t there for his funeral, and Mother held a grudge like no one before or since.)

On Monday, there was the parade.  We got to see it twice, as it went to the cemetery and then when it meandered back to the Legion.  Then a cook out  – hot dogs, hamburgers, the usual.   Kids, dogs, family.   We usually ended up in the garage because it almost always rained. 

Today was my sister’s birthday.  She left us way too soon, and I miss her – she could always make me laugh, when she wasn’t happily pissing me off.  I loved her so much – I hope she knew that.  She promised me she would never go anywhere without me – nowhere I couldn’t go – so I guess I’m gonna go to Heaven, cuz I know for sure she’s helping the angels watch over me now. 



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