ImageThis smoosh face – hard to believe he could whip me around and yank me so out of joint that I’m hurting badly and can’t wait till wednesday when I have an appointment with the chiro.

This is the same smoosh face who was playing bitey face with Mom the other day, when I noticed something very strange on one of his back teeth.  PANIC!   Bear said he thought it was an abscessed tooth but ………….. it’s May…………..and May means scary things that hurt my heart and the people (and dogs) I love.   So I cried.  And talked to Mother about it.

Bear took Max for a ride and I went up to clean.  When I moved some papers on his sink – a penny fell out.  Hmmmm.  I called Bear.  Nope, he didn’t have any pennies on the sink.  🙂  Thank you, Mother.

Sunday morning, I get up and take Max out and check out the thing in his mouth.

There was nothing there.

Thank you, Mother.

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