I never thought much about gardening.   My mother had planted flowers in the back yard, there were yew bushes in the front, and roses beside the porch, Rose of Sharon in the back yard and phlox (graveyard flower, Mother called it).  We never weeded, we never pruned, she didn’t do much beyond pick the sweet peas when they flowered, and the peonies that my father loved (and I hated).   She had a wigalia that she loved, and babied, and some bleeding hearts that a friend gave her.  There were lilies of the valley along the side of the house – my favorites, next to the roses.  

When Mother died, and the house had to be sold, I wanted to bring the plants with me.  It didn’t happen.  I moved in December, and plants can’t be dug up and replanted in Winter.   It was one of many sadnesses. 

That first Spring, Bear suggested I plant something along the sidewalk.  So off I went to the nursery, and came home with vincas – for no other reason than they were pretty.   He dug the holes, I stuck them in, and watered them.  He wanted tomato plants, so once again, off I went and got some, we planted those and watered them daily, too. 

And they grew.  And my heart healed just a little.   I watched them go from tiny little green things to big, blooming, tall, beautiful tomato plants, and gorgeous flowers.   How had I missed this all these years? 

We moved into the house and it was too late to do much that first year.  But oh, the next year!  And the year after, and the year after!   We have perennials!  We have Gerbera Daisies that are in bloom, right now!  I planted them two years ago, and they have flowers and I am delighted!  

Last year, I decided to tackle the front bank.  It’s really steep, and it’s been a very difficult section to mow because it’s so steep.   There’s a pipe sticking out of the middle, some drainage thing, and it’s pretty much in full sun.  I spent hours weeding, and transplanting clumps of Snow on the Mountain, and Dead Nettle.  It did okay last year.  Bear said that he read that things take root and in the Spring they spread.  Holy cow!    Did they ever!    It was a few weeks till I could get out there and get the weeds pulled, and there’s still a bit to do, but since I cleared most of it, the greenery has spread like crazy! 

I planted impatiens for color.  And now Bear wants to make it even bigger!  

In the process, there has been healing.  And growing.  In my heart and soul.  With every flower, this is more our home.  Every plant and every flower.  

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