Ignoring him

Someone will not settle down and someone needs a nap.   Maverick is the first, I think I’m the second.   I can deal with the “I will not take a nap” thing, most days.   What I can’t deal with is the whining.   This is new  – previously he’s barked at me for attention, or for his ball, and the only time he whined was when he really had to go potty, or when the ball was put away and he wanted to play.   Yesterday he started whining for attention.   This is not only annoying, it’s stressful – I don’t know why he’s doing it, I don’t know if he actually needs something – went potty 5 minutes ago, not that – has food in bowl, not hungry – played with ball for 20 minutes, over that.

So I’m attempting to ignore it.   Normally, when he’s tired, if I ignore him, he’ll finally take a nap.

So shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – don’t make a noise!

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