Bruised Ribs

Yes, I’m self diagnosing.
A few weeks ago, I took Maverick to the vet for blood work because this now has to be done before you can get the heartworm meds. I think it’s just an excuse to charge more and to lecture about vaccinations that he doesn’t need and is therefore not getting, and/or to tell me it’s really time to neuter him (it isn’t). Maverick does not like the little exam room. He wasn’t terrible in the waiting room but once we got into the exam room, all bets were off. I thought he was going to break my wrist at one point while twisting the leash in an effort to GET OUT OF THERE! I let go in time to avoid injury there.

But when he jumped on the bench, shoved behind me, and jumped off the other side, while I was holding the leash, causing me to twist sharply, the damage was done. I’ve been in pain since, really bad that night, slowly getting better. Very slowly.

There isn’t much you can do for bruised, or cracked, or broken ribs. Ice at first, then heat, and GET THAT BLOODY BRA OFF because it hits right on the sore spot Rest and try not to do anything to aggravate it. (Do you hear that, Bear? Don’t aggravate me!)

Today I babysat for the darling child who is my bonus grandson. He is now 2 and quite the determined little boy, which is a wonderful trait until he takes me for a walk and is determined to walk in the road. The end result of this was a small disagreement which I won by picking him up and taking him into the house, while laughing and telling him he was a determined little boy but I was a mean old lady and he thought that highly amusing. (I don’t negotiate with little terrorists and 2 year olds are definitely terrorists! However, I don’t cause unnecessary scenes, either. Pick him up, off we go, no one cares, we’re done) After we went inside, we dozed off to Miss Rachel. If you have small children, Miss Rachel is the bomb – and you’ll hate me for telling you this if you don’t already know about her, but your kids will love her.

Also, if you own a “fart machine,” small children will think you’re the funniest thing they’ve ever seen.

Picking up the small child was not a great thing for the above mentioned ribs. Thank goodness for ginger brandy.

In other news, students still don’t know how to read a syllabus. The granddaughter’s afghan is nearly complete. Four books are currently being read. And Easter was quite lovely, just me and the Bear and The Bible on TV and Maverick snoozing after a 2.5 mile walk that wore him right out. It was a peaceful day in a world that’s too often full of chaos and I treasured every minute.

**Update – I have a doctor appointment at 11:30. I expect x-rays and perhaps some pain meds, maybe prednisone. And then there will most likely be a nap this afternoon.

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10 Responses to Bruised Ribs

  1. LDSVenus says:

    Sorry that you hurt your ribs :(. I hope they heal quickly.

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  2. Bitey Dog says:

    Toby had his vet visit last week with a very similar reaction to Maverick’s. Thank heavens he is a smaller guy.

    Oh dear, oh dear. I wish I knew something that helped to speed healing If you can’t hurry it up, at least you can deaden it with the aforementioned brandy.

    Give some hugs to that grandson of yours from us!

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  3. Tell Maverick that I was making my stern, furrowed eyebrows, frowny face at him while I was reading this! I hope healing comes your way on the ‘fast’ train! Oh, and I loved how you handled that 2-year-old. If parenting lessons were required (they should be), that would be an excellent lesson!

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    • Thank you. He’s really a very good kid. I learned long ago that you can’t participate in their chaos- they can’t help but escalate it when you do. Now if I could just remember that with my dog!


  4. Feel better soon. Adult beverages are definitely warranted and prescribed by no doctor ever…just other rational adults.
    I remember taking my two kids to a necessary (mental health) outing to the Mall. (Mama needed to see other people taller than 30 inches and speaking in full, articulate sentences.). Ten minutes after arriving at said mall, one kids decided to “act up”. I hauled them back to the car and we went home. No scene, just “we’re going home”. That was the last time either of them did that. Amazing how well that worked.

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  5. Oh, I forgot to mention the fart machine. Two guys on my office downloaded a fart machine onto their computers. One time they set it off as soon as I answered the phone. I could not stop laughing long enough to speak so I just hung up. The person called back and told me she heard stifled laughter and then the phone went dead. Since I knew her and she was well aware of the shenanigans those two pulled, she understood my predicament. Fortunately they never did that again!

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