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Well. In spite of my trepidations, Maverick has managed to not only be a rock star, but to be the class clown. I am in shock, and so flippin overjoyed that I seriously cried the entire way home after the first class. I had told myself I would be happy if he didn’t bite another dog or a person. He was very aware of the other dogs – there are 12 in the class – but he didn’t react at all, even when they came within what I thought was his bubble. He was totally an idiot with the instructors, demonstrating what is known among the Golden Retriever crowd as “excessive greeting disorder.” Better that than biting them!

Two weeks into class, he managed to bruise my ribs and pull the muscles across my upper back and shoulders and just cause a good bit of mayhem. Sleeping in a recliner with a heating pad – well, little sleep happened – is not conducive to attending a training class. My dear friend stepped in and offered to be the handler. And she had a ball. So, indeed, did Maverick, and so did I! It was way more fun with two of us. She asked if she could come to the next class. Hell, yeah!

So we haven’t learned a whole lot, because this was basic stuff we’ve done for ages, but it was a great experience, being with the other dogs, having to listen to Mommah with so many distractions, doing what was asked. Next Monday is the last class. I’ve already signed us up for the next. I think we might just be onto something here.

And in other news. My granddaughter, known as the kiddle in the middle, announced to us that we will be great grandparents this October. Emotions I didn’t expect overwhelmed me. I did not give birth to her dad, but I’ve been Grams to this child since she was a few months old, and she, and her sisters, are mine in every way that counts. I was awash in memories, rocking her to sleep, holding her when she was sick, playing so many games. I bought a pack and play for her little sister. It’s been used by several people over the years, and is currently in storage. In 6 months, it will be used by her child. It feels like yesterday that I lifted her up and sat her in the “kid cage” because she just loved playing in that thing – it’s more of a playpen than crib – and just laughing at the sight of her.

I worry about the world this baby will be born into. She (I’m certain she’s a she) and my bonus grandson, will live in times we’ve never imagined. And I will fight like hell to keep this world safe for them.

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12 Responses to Classes and stuff

  1. It’s great that Maverick made an impression in dog class.

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  2. Bitey Dog says:

    Let us know how we can help with the world-saving stuff!

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  3. Peachy says:

    Congratulations 🥺🥺🥺 on the happy baby news!! and also for Mav’s classes being a success!

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  4. I had told myself I would be happy if he didn’t buy another dog or a person.

    I never knew that Maverick was into trafficking. How many does he have so far?

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  5. Congratulations on Maverick’s success!
    And another congratulations on getting to the great grandmother phase!
    The trainer we had lined up cancelled twice and told me she just can’t do it right now. 😭😭😭
    We only have one other trainer in the immediate area and I’ve got a call into them.

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  6. LDSVenus says:

    Glad your are having fun at the dog classes, that is always a bonus! Some good bonding time I bet too :). Hope your muscles heal soon.

    You are right our children and grand children and your soon to be great grand child will be in a scary world, but Heavenly Father will protect if we remember to remember him in our lives. It’s always a reoccurring theme in the scriptures, people prosper, become proud and arrogant and forget their Father in heaven, are brought down to the depth of humbleness, repent, prosper… and on and on. If only we could remember to keep him close in our lives all the time, repent when we mess up and for go the stuff after prospering.

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