I do not like my feet. I know I should, they carry me from place to place and I should be grateful that they work as well as they do.


I have bunions on both feet. When I was younger than I am now by a few years, I would tease my Aunt Mary about her bunions. Little did I know that they’re a congenital defect and I was destined for the same fate.

Or she just cursed me, she could be a mean woman.

not my foot but mine looks like this. only worse

The past few days, I’ve been having cramps that hit with no warning and almost take me down. Yeah, a lot of fun that when you’ve got an active dog to walk every day who will not care if Mommah falls down and breaks herself at the park. Also, said dog will not poop at home, and requires a walk every day, even if it’s only a half mile.

I’m off to the doctor this evening. Keep your fingers crossed that it’s something like, “you need more potassium! Drink more water!” and not, “you need surgery or you’ll never walk again.”

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13 Responses to Feet

  1. Bitey Dog says:

    Yikes. I hope you are able to get relief. I know how painful those things can be. *hugs*

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  2. The AJF was afflicted with mega bunions and underwent surgery to have them removed. This was maybe 20 years ago. She did both feet at the same time which meant I basically carried her everywhere a wheelchair couldn’t fit. Her theory was “let’s get it over with.” It was painful process with screws and nails and other hardware inserted. Anyhoo, one foot came out great but the other foot was mangled because her doctor took it on himself to try and fiddle with the toe tendons at the same time. That led to a chronic condition where her second toe droops and causes all kinds of discomfort when walking unless she takes care to support it with inserts, tape or such. People tend to think lightly of bunions but I sure learned that it’s a serious situation and mighty painful so sympathy out to you. Also, those are some pretty ugly feet.

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    • I was supposed to have surgery three years ago but after talking to several people, many of whom told me it took them at least 6 months to full recover, I decided against it. I don’t want it now either. I’m so sorry this happened to the AJF, and I hope her feet are now prettier than mine – she should get something for the pain! I don’t think it’s quite as bad a process as it was 20 years ago but it still looks pretty bad!

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  3. Good thoughts and fingers crossed that it’s something fixable without surgery. The financial planner I inherited had plantar fasciitis surgery, TWICE, and she’s still wearing a boot because her heel won’t heal.

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  4. Mr. Aitch has bunions and so did his mother. They look painful and his feet are ugly. He has a hard time getting shoes that fit right. I hope you find a way to get help be it new shoes or surgery.

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  5. I hope you get relief and that they are no longer bothering you.

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  6. News flash: Most people think their feet are the ugliest part of their bodies! Having said that, it’s quite different having ugly feet versus painful feet. I hope you find some solution to relieve your pain!

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