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Driving home from the park today, I turned on the radio. I usually don’t because I like to just drive and enjoy the scenery but Maverick is banned from daycare for two weeks – kennel cough vaccine – sheds for two weeks so he could infect other dogs – so we went to the big park today and walked a mile and a half. This is half my usual, but he decided at 1.4 miles that he was done, planted himself beneath a tree, and panted like he was about to keel over. (It was barely 70 degrees out, he got a drink of water and after a bit was able to meander to the car. Can we say “drama queen?” (He informs me he is not a queen, by the way)

To drown out the panting from the back seat – I did mention drama, right – I turned on the radio. The big news was the expiration of the ban on evictions. I sympathize with people who are struggling now. Shutting down the economy for all those months was brutal – so many people suffered. Most landlords, in my experience, are people who have bought a second home and rent it out in the hopes that someday, it will be paid off, and then will actually generate income, but in the meantime are using the rent payments to pay the mortgage and any other bills that go along with upkeep on that property. There seems to be a picture of landlords as all filthy rich tyrants who can go years without collecting rent and while I’m sure there are plenty of those, I’m sure there are plenty of just regular people trying to get by.

For the filthy rich, this ban was no problem. For the regular guy, it has been. The bills still needed to be paid, and for all the talk of mortgage payments being delayed, we never saw that here (we don’t own a second property, we’re paying on our home). Where were they supposed to get the money to pay those bills?

Now the people who haven’t paid rent in over a year are in danger of becoming homeless. The sympathetic part of me feels bad for them. But another part of me is asking – what did they do with the money they would have been using for rent for this past 18 months? What did they do with the extra money they got from the government (yes, almost all of us got the checks, not judging there)? Did they think they were never going to have to pay the rent again? They could have saved the normal rent payment and at least earned some interest on it. Or they could have invested it and earned even more.

Yet we’re meant to feel sorry for them. I’m having a hard time doing that. Maybe it’s because I know people who chose to not pay rent, even though they could well afford it, knowing that they couldn’t be kicked out, and spent the money on themselves. Maybe it’s because I know some of those smaller landlords who have been forced to sell out to huge companies who run multiple rentals. (And do you think those are going to let anyone off the hook for past rent?)

It’s a mess. And I can’t help but wonder if this is an example of socialism in action.

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15 Responses to Today’s random thoughts

  1. Bitey Dog says:

    I think you already know the answer.

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  2. cattknithat says:

    I know people like that too sadly. 😦

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  3. There is a fine line between “saving for a rainy day” and “living for the moment”. I think back to 9/11 and the people who were working hard to save for a rainy day and never got to see one. I agree that wasting money meant for rent on foolish expenses is, well, foolish, but our society is becoming more and more about instant gratification over long-term consequences. Unless looked at on a case-by-case basis, there is no way to determine which persons were prudent and which spent frivolously. And yes, the rental income to the landlord is also a case-by-case business for small rental owners versus ‘conglomerate’ landlords.

    I think I’ll go back to thinking about Maverick’s dramas – so much less stressful!

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    • No, I agree that it would have to be evaluated on a case by case basis, I’m sure some of the people used the extra money for necessities – with prices going up on everything, and with the shutdown creating shortages and people buying in bulk, that may have accounted for some too. But I keep thinking about how many people get the child tax credit on income taxes – which in my mind is just a reward for having more kids you can’t afford – and instead of using it wisely, they go buy out Walmart. (This is not some conservative talking point, I’ve seen this in action in my own family.)

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  4. LDSVenus says:

    I am a renter and live on Social Security, I never with held anything from my landlord, it’s an important bill, living under a bridge is not something I relish! Tithing comes out first and then my rent and utilities (electric, internet, phone etc), then insurances (health, and car, (older car that is is paid for)) then comes groceries and gas for my car, and whats left is my fun money. Not a lot but because I watch what I spend I always have some, enough to get a skein of yarn and patterns or a couple of times eating out at a burger joint (dang that has gotten expensive!!). I shop sales etc everything saved is earned. I’m smart enough to put away some savings every month, that also comes out like a bill from my checking acct into my savings acct, (I only get paid once a month) to cover the insurances since they aren’t due every,month and car repairs, so I don’t spend it on something else, and anything considered an emergency, and a separate savings acct for a Christmas fund, not much buying Christmas presents without money :P. I don’t do credit cards, if I don’t have the money I don’t need it or I can save up for it. Been doing this a long time, my dad taught me right, he grew up in the depression era and he always told me when I was young “never say only and money in the same sentence, ie: it’s only $5.00.” If people were willing to forgo the I wants now and say I can wait save up and get it later more people would be much better off. I guess people would still consider that I live hand to mouth SS is not a ton, but because I pay my tithing first and faithfully every month when I get paid, I find I always have everything I need and more. I never feel left out or having to do without, trusting the Lord’s promises and being responsible for yourself by using things wisely, what a concept huh?

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    • We do much the same – I have two savings accounts that get paid every week- one for things like taxes and one that was set up when Max was a puppy. Funny story – I took him to the bank with me and a man snidely asked if he was making a deposit. I said yes, he was, he has an account. He scoffed. The clerks adored Max and all said at once, no, he really does! Guy had no words 😄

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      • LDSVenus says:

        hehe how cute is that, now his medical bills will be paid when needed :). As a past ferret owner (I’ve had over twenty over the years) I’ve always told people that wanted to get a ferret to be sure and start a savings acct for future medical bills because as they get older they get cancer and need surgeries or other medical problems and may need expensive medications. Some decided they didn’t want a ferret after all. They are so much fun, but you need to take care of them when they are older, and might not be able to be so much fun anymore, for all the fun and joy they gave you when they were younger. 🙂

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      • We have pet insurance on Maverick because Max’s last bill was more than was in that account. But I still pay that account- it’s money I forget is there so if we ever do need it, we have it. I use a credit card because ours pays us back and that pays for gas on my vacation each year. I spend a lot but I also know when to stop – and the bills are paid first

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  5. I assume you are blocking me on mobile because you don’t recognize my comments? Or are you just mad at me? Anyway, I’ve been replying to your posts on the phone but they never show up so now my feelings are hurt.


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