Things that make me go hmmmm

I read today that the border control people are no longer testing the illegals for Covid. Actually, I’ve heard this more than once recently. I’m also hearing that there’s a “surge” in this new Delta variant that somehow manages to bypass the vaccine that was supposed to keep everyone from getting sick – unless you’re trying to kill Grandma and refuse to get it, then you can just go die in a corner, you selfish piece of shit.

I’m also hearing rumors of another impending lock down – because the first one worked so well.

Seriously, I know a lot of people (raises hand) who barely survived the first one and most likely won’t survive a second one. This is more than financial hardship, this is mental torture. I am a social being, when cut off from friends, I go into a mental place that I don’t like to visit, let alone dwell in.

I’m wondering, how many people will refuse to comply if this should happen?

I also wonder why in the hell we’re discussing a lock down when our borders are so wide open, and the people coming over are not even being tested for this supposedly highly contagious variant of the virus that was supposed to kill all of us last year. How does this possibly make sense to anyone?

The CDC is no longer monitoring cases of Covid diagnosed in people who’ve been vaccinated. And yet we’re being told that the majority of cases that are being diagnosed are people who are not vaccinated. How the hell do they know that? If I feed Maverick a cookie, and my husband turns around and gives him 6, but neither of us tells the other one, how do we know how many cookies he’s had? He sure as heck isn’t gonna tell us!

I feel like I’m living in an alternate universe, where common sense has gone out the window and people spew so many contradictory statements in a few minutes that my head spins and they don’t even blink.

I’m praying every day that those who are blindly accepting the current state of affairs will wake up before it’s too late.

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11 Responses to Things that make me go hmmmm

  1. Maverick says, “DogMom, can we try out that example where you and DogDad give me cookies but don’t tell each other? Just to make sure it really works that way. You know, in the interest of science.”

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  2. Thank you for raising some valid points that ALL of us need to consider!

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  3. I just find the reporting on all sides and from all publications so suspect. Everyone has an agenda. Everyone interprets the data in whatever way best suits their agenda. Laws get made based on political agendas.

    I got vaccinated (mainly because I wasn’t that concerned about side effects and because I wanted to go to family weddings, events, travel with fewer restrictions ) and I am fine with wearing a mask when required or requested. I’ll do it, but I don’t really believe this is ultimately doing all that much.

    I do hope there aren’t more lockdowns. I was also a mess from a mental health perspective, and I was fine financially; many people were in much worse situations.

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  4. LDSVenus says:

    good news is that the government is lying to us about it being more dangerous, all the virologists I have been listening to say that if this follows science (we know the left loves science unless it disagrees with them) that the variants of a virus is less dangerous, it grows weaker as it mutates. So unless this was a military bio weapon they figured out how to not let follow it’s normal path on mutating, this is just their scare tactics to keep us all locked down until the next election. Makes me wonder tho why they are pushing and insisting EVERYONE get the vaccination that is still being used as emergency use only because it’s not been vetted so that it can be approved by the FDA and that it’s not working nearly as well as the government said it would and they have now changed the goal posts again. Guess they figured everyone could be a guinea pig, and why can the migrants coming in illegally refuse to get the poke but we are told we might be mandated to get it? sigh

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    • I keep coming back to this – it’s not a public health issue if you’re not even testing the illegals and pushing them into communities all across the nation! Do not expect me to take some experimental vaccine when no one is trying to make sure the disease stays out of this country! My conspiracy theory friends are positing that this all has to do with the audits taking place around the country -shut down the country again and you shut down the audits. If there’s nothing to hide, why work so hard to hide it?

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      • LDSVenus says:

        My personal thoughts are if they can keep us sick long enough through the voting for congress next year and use the mail-ins like they did this last election with the millions of “new” votes they will have and our elections aren’t any more secure than the last time, they are a shoe in and with the house and the senate and with the executive too they won’t be worrying about the constitution and the economy will be crashing, they (the far left communists, marxists or whatever they are) will just walk in and take over. Scary, and if people think they aren’t all about taking us over for the country’s resources and riches and that it can’t happen here, look at what happened to a very rich Venezuela, and what happened in Germany before WWll Conspiracy theorist? Maybe but I don’t think so. But that is just my opinion. History has a bad habit of repeating it’s self and for those who don’t pay attention, surprise is always just around the corner. :/ And yeah I’m not taking the shot either, I prefer the immune system Heavenly Father gave me to anything man can come up with :), and I’m not an anti vaxxer, just not doing a unvetted shot to be a guinea pig, and I’ve had Covid and have a long lasting imunity response (and yeah they are finding it a better immune response than the shots which they are now saying you may need a booster every 6 months, no thanks).

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      • All of this and more!

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