Random thoughts while eating blueberries

Blueberries and vanilla yogurt make me happy. Why in the name of all that is holy did I decide to buy 4 pints of blueberries when I’m the only one who eats them? I’m grateful for my freezer today.

Did 150 people really vote? Somehow I thought it was more than that? (Yes, he said 150, I listened to it several times.) Does it not seem slightly suspicious that a man who rarely seems to go anywhere jumped on a plane and flew to Philly to protest votes being audited? Am I the only one who seems like there’s something to hide? If there’s nothing there, then nothing will be found, right? Would it be a waste of money? Well, no more so than many other government ideas, but no, it wouldn’t, if people actually regained some confidence that this really was the “most secure election ever held.”

I own a copier so if you can’t get a chance to saddle up and head out to find the nearest Kinko’s, come on over and I’ll copy that ID that I’m pretty sure you have for you. (And it doesn’t get much more rural than where I live, Kamalama Dingdong) (Also, Kinkos now is part of FedEx.)

Maverick is now taking care of a little Schnauzer puppy at daycare. This makes my heart smile, because at one point he growled at a puppy and I have been very frightened that he was aggressive. According to our trainer, I am an idiot to think that. I’m quite fine with being an idiot as long as I don’t have to worry about my kid.

My Bear has managed to hurt his shoulder. He is currently a grumpy Bear so I’m keeping my snarky comments about Hawkeye (you simpering idiot) to myself. (I tend to mutter to myself when that’s on – things like, “no, Radar, you’re not staying, so shut up and get on the damned plane.) (Or, hey, BJ? I would definitely cheat on your ass if I were Peg, but I wouldn’t have been dumb enough to marry you)

Access is kicking my ass. One more chapter, two more projects, two exams and done with it – all of which, and the chapter, project and exam I completed yesterday, are due next Monday. No student of mine had better ever complain about the amount of homework I assign.

It’s hot. Yes, it’s very hot. You don’t have to shovel sunshine. I’m betting your local Kinkos has A/C so if you can load up the buckboard and make sure you take your rifle to protect against road bandits, you can probably go there and cool off.

Lunch is a wonderful invention. So are blueberries.

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5 Responses to Random thoughts while eating blueberries

  1. Mr. Aitch and I were just discussing over lunch how that man got into the White House. Of course we have a hard time acknowledging that the past 16 months are not a bad dream.
    Blueberries. Yum! I buy the frozen ones because I’m the only one who eats them, too.
    We live in the sticks. The closest Target is 68 miles away and I have my own copier! Go figure. Of course most places have copiers: the library, post office, banks.
    I so miss our miniature Schnauzer. And puppies are just too cute. Maverick is sweet to take care of the pup.
    Hopefully Bear will recover quickly.
    Access was designed by evil incarnate.
    I’ve been walking in the mornings and 82 degrees with 99% humidity by 7:45 am was just too uncomfortable for me to get outside. Fortunately I can get my walking done in the comfort of my own air conditioned, dehumidifier home.

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    • wow, you must be rich! A/C AND a copier, whoohooo!
      I was actually thinking that Access is probably great for businesses but not for the common folks like me. I have too much trouble with stuff like computers and copiers and stuff. And I seriously thought more than 150 people voted! Where did I get that idea?


  2. ReginaMary says:

    You are too funny. I wonder when people will get tired of this administration’s condescension. People who live in rural communities aren’t idiots.


    • The elite call the rest of “fly over country.” That alone should tell everyone what they really think of us. One thing about Trump, love him or hate him, he seems to relate to us common folk a lot better than most, but then, he’s not a politician.

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  3. According to our trainer, I am an idiot…



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