And what a day it was

Yesterday I went to buy some twill tape to finish up an outfit for the most perfect baby ever born. I was going to buy twill tape, nothing more. I was NOT going to buy fabric.

So I bought fabric.

I cut out two tops and two pairs of shorts yesterday afternoon because, well, I bought fabric.

My plan for today was to spend some time studying – I’m taking a computer information systems course and the current topic is Access, which I firmly believe was invented by Satan. Tonight was dinner and diamonds with the dog ladies, always a fun time and much needed for my mental health, and it was my turn to make dessert. I planned a Boston Cream Pie because who doesn’t like Boston Cream Pie, other than Satan?

I took Maverick to daycare, did my usual morning routine, decided not to walk today because it was bloody hot and my feet were screaming at me half the night, so I made some phone calls. One of those was to the vet about getting Bravecto for Maverick. The not so nice receptionist informed me that they had to see Maverick since he hadn’t been there in 3 years. Ummm, I have receipts from about 2 months ago so if you haven’t seen him in 3 years, I think I need some money back! That got resoved and I made the cake and then my lunch. I usually eat in front of the laptop, check mail and answer student emails and scroll through Fakebook and just relax a bit.

The plan was to eat lunch, let the cake cool, study awhile, make the filling for the cake, let that cool, and sew for an hour or so before putting the cake together.

The universe laughs at plans.

While eating my lunch, and listening to Toby Keith’s new song, my laptop suddenly went black. I said some bad words and tried to restart the computer. The jump drives were blinking so something was working but that screen just stared at me in total blackness.

I teach online. I need a computer. After trying to buy one from Best Buy and encountering a total cluster f**k, I called Staples. Tech guy tried to fix the old laptop with no success, so home I came with a new one.

I hate setting up a new computer.

Several hours and a lot of swearing later, I have things pretty much the way I want them. Having dinner with good friends helped improve my mood, having Bear come to my rescue when I was melting down over everything going wrong helped even more.

Today I’m playing catch up with all the school work I didn’t do yesterday. I don’t ever want to hear a student complain about how much homework I assign, the class I’m taking has three times as much homework as I ever handed out. But I’ll get it done and do some sewing today too.

Because it takes more than a blank screen to keep me down for long.

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22 Responses to And what a day it was

  1. I’ve always sensed a resilience in you. Or maybe I see myself in you, though I call mine ‘bullheaded stubbornness’! it would have been appropriate to have a melt-down since we’re having another heat wave here, but if something frustrates me, I’ve learned to push it aside and come back to it (side story here: it took me 3 days to get my Christmas tree up because I couldn’t get the lights connected from one section to the next and I had to keep walking away from it!).

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  2. Bitey Dog says:

    When your budget allows (and not right away, obviously), get a second computer and set it up at your convenience. Then when the first one dies, you won’t be lost.

    In the meantime, sew, sew, sew! It is good for the sanity. By the way, how did the Wallaby sweater turn out?

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    • I haven’t touched the Wallaby in weeks- I lost my knitting mojo in NY and just haven’t picked up the needles since. It will come back or I’ve got a whole closet full of yarn to donate

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      • LDSVenus says:

        I understand exactly! My knitting mojo, my spinning mojo and any other kind of mojo I had, was lost for about 6 months, the end of last year and beginning of this one, I even looked under the sofa cushions where I sometimes find loose change, but nope, no knitting mojo. I guess it ran away but it finally came home, so I am making use of it again :P. Hope your’s comes home soon :).

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      • My sewing mojo seems to have turned into Chuck Norris and kicked all the others to the curb recently! Last night the knitting bag was eyeballing me but the fabric pile rose up and blocked the view. I think it’s the weather- it’s too hot for yarn!

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      • LDSVenus says:

        hehe, I’ve never been a big sewist but I mend, and I’ve made tee’s for my kids when they were little. I bought a nice but not terribly expensive sewing machine for my grand daughter for Christmas last year and planned on teaching her basics of sewing, but my sewing mojo must have run over to your house lol.

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      • Chuck Norris kidnapped your sewing mojo! (I love Chuck Norris, by the way)

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  3. I feel your pain. I just got a new phone and though it was easy to transfer all my apps, there was still a learning curve.
    I went to the market to pick up some bread and came home with two T-bone steaks, fresh strawberries, a bottle of caffeine free diet cola (boycotting Woke-Coke), garlic breadsticks, and fresh corn on the cob. My $2 ended up costing $40. C’est la vie.


  4. MaxTheDog says:

    So, did you finish the shorts yet? Really dogging it along with all the excuses, eh? 😈 Oh, you might check out Simparica Trio as an alternate to Bravecto which is a good product. We switched Max on the Vet advice and Simparica Trio combines flea, tick, etc plus heartworm in one pill. Also, just wait…You’ll get a Windoes update in 3…2…1…😃

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  5. So, did you finish the shorts yet? Really dogging it along with all the excuses, eh? 😈 Oh, you might check out Simparica Trio as an alternate to Bravecto which is a good product. We switched Max on the Vet advice and Simparica Trio combines flea, tick, etc plus heartworm in one pill. Also, just wait…You’ll get a Windoes update in 3…2…1…😃

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  6. yarnmama10 says:

    Hope today will be a better day. 🙂

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  7. Bitey Dog has a great idea there. I’m going to suggest it to my daughter.
    I am glad you bought fabric and I hope you will share photos of what you’ve made. I always find that when one thing goes to shit in my life it’s good to have a success or two to show that success is more common than failure:)

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    • I’ve been making endless variations of this blouse pattern – it’s comfy and flattering and I hate the front placket but I’m making it work.
      I’m making the sleeveless version and making the front the same length as the back because that shorter front is just weird to me.
      I mentioned to Bear that all in one computers were like $400 and he said the same thing, eventually get one of those as a backup, so I’ll probably do just that.

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