Suddenly it’s summer and other random thoughts

We’ve gone from having the heat on to having the A/C on in the space of a week. I love Summer, I love the heat, I don’t mind humidity, I could cheerfully live in 80 degree weather year round and you’ll never hear me complain it’s too hot. (I may be preparing for my future life, who knows? But in my view, Heaven is hot and Hell is cold, so there’s that)

Maverick, on the other hand, does not understand that he doesn’t get to shed layers of fur like Mommah sheds layers of clothes and he really should not be outside for long periods of time when it’s 80some degrees out there and he can’t stop moving long enough to even get a drink.

We’ve taken to walking at the small park – a half mile – with him, because he’s just too hot. I take him home, then go to the big park and do my miles. I like to eat and that means I need to walk at least three miles a day or I turn into a balloon. I don’t like myself when I’m fat. I also like ice cream so I do what I have to do to have both – me sorta not fat but able to eat a fudgesicle when the mood strikes.

(It strikes almost every day)

I’m heading to NY again in a couple of weeks. I’m kinda dreading this trip – because I’m not getting this experimental vaccination and most of my relatives are convinced I’m an idiot. I’m also sort of an anti-masker, and when I mentioned to my sister that I rarely wear one, her reaction was “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?” Ummm, I’m thinking, that’s what I’m doing. I will bend enough to wear a face diaper when required while there, but I will not be pressured into a vaccine. I’m afraid it’s going to lead to arguments. Le Sigh.

I’m teaching two nights a week. And I signed up for a computer science course, so I have homework of my own – I finished the first chapter today (yes, I know it’s only Monday and the class opened at midnight last night, I’m a nerd, k?) but I’m stressing about the quiz on this chapter because it’s an adult student thing – (and I’m a nerd) – that I have to get an A. (But it is fun to be a student again. ) I’m going to be busy with that, and it may just be my excuse should the family pressure become unbearable.

Today I decided to make molasses cookies. My dear departed friend Cindy would say, “Mole Asses?” She was a character and is much missed but that’s another story for another day. I’m using my mom’s recipe. She didn’t write down directions, only ingredients. This is interesting. They smell good, they look funny, Bear will eat them and all is good

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27 Responses to Suddenly it’s summer and other random thoughts

  1. The weather has flipped like a switch here too. It was 90 the other day. Myles needs a grooming but I don’t feel like wrestling with him on a hot day. Maybe Saturday when the temperature promises to be in the 50’s and rainy.
    Good luck visiting your family. Remember the mantra “my body, my choice”. It works in all sorts of situations.
    I envy your ability to be disciplined about walking. I like to eat, ice cream in particular, but don’t walk nearly enough. I’ll channel you when I should be walking:)
    I agree Hell is ice cold and very dark. Heaven is bright and warm:)


  2. ReginaMary says:

    Happy to know you’ll be in my neck of the woods. Try not to fret about the shot and a mask. I hope your family realizes it is not worth fighting over. Not two months ago, our teachers union took Fauci’s advice and urged members to double mask. Now they are being told they don’t have to wear any. The “guidance” changes daily. Consider yourself ahead of the game! 😃

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  3. Kristi says:

    I’ll go to NY with you and we’ll have a ball!!!!!

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  4. LDSVenus says:

    I hate the humidity, I grew up off and on (my dad was in the service) in the desert southwest where there is no humidity, I am like a lizard on a rock soaking up the heat, but humidity does me in. I like fudgesicles too 🙂

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  5. Humidity is my enemy due to my blood disease! If summer is going to be similar to the taste we got recently, I’ll be indoors in the air conditioning, sweating all the while. I am unvaccinated and pretty sure I will stay that way. I don’t like masks because they make my face sweat even more, but I’ll wear one long after every mandate is lifted, as I’m a firm believer of rather safe than sorry.

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  6. ReginaMary says:

    I am a summer baby and this is my favorite season. I love the heat, humidity and wicked good thunderstorms!

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  7. Bitey Dog says:

    I go through the vaccine/mask “discussions” almost daily with neighbors. They are convinced both are necessary forever. Masks were only ever supposed to slow the spread of the flu, not keep anyone from getting it. If you have the vaccine (which I don’t either), the new bugaboo is the mutated strain, so you’re not safe there either.

    I hope you can find some happy, non-family-drama moments in NY despite living in the scariest time in the history of the world (including when than giant meteor fell to earth and killed all the dinosaurs).

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  8. Bitey Dog says:

    Just look at the flowers. You’ll be fine. 🌸

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