In my defense –

I currently have no self control when it comes to shopping. Hence the recent purchase of the pattern for the Wonderful Wallaby sweater.

I got both the adult size and the child’s because I have no self control, remember?

Last night I bought some brown yarn. My BFF’s daughter is giving birth in 3 weeks to a little boy that we’ve chosen to call Charlie. This is not his name, but we like it so we figure he’ll learn to answer to it as we all do to a nickname. I shall make my first Wallaby for him.

This is not my fault, it’s because a fellow blogger told me I needed to cast on and I’m also not good with ignoring suggestions.

At any rate, that was my fun for the weekend. I also managed to do three months worth of journal entries, t-accounts, trial balances and financial statements in Excel for my classes. Which start tomorrow. All five of them. What the heck was I thinking taking five classes? It’s okay, I have plenty of booze.

Meanwhile, the world keeps getting nuttier by the day. I’m trying to figure out why some things are cancelled but not others. Hawkeye Pierce is a womanizer, and that whole Spearchucker thing? And Klinger? Really? Why hasn’t THAT shit been cancelled?

I’ve let my nails grow. This rarely happens and the clicking while typing may be one of the reasons for that.

That was a digression

I talked to my sister yesterday. She thinks that the current occupant of the White House is “offering hope.” I did not, in spite of myself, guffaw. I’m pretty sure that “Dark Winter” and ‘You might be able to gather in small groups by July 4th” is not really offering hope. “We’re going to open the hell up in two weeks!” would be offering hope.

She also is defending Andrew Cuomo for some reason. I don’t talk political stuff with her because I value her as my sister and I don’t want to have to cut her off again. I think she needs to get off MSM though!

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17 Responses to In my defense –

  1. You will love knitting a Wallaby! The pattern is fun to read too. Make a bigger size than you’d think for a kid because if it just fits you’ll have to make another in a week. I loved knitting my son’s.
    I’m sorry your sister is a blind follower. My husband calls those that do not see that. My patience level is very low with anyone who can’t see the insanity. I just read that they are “housing” people under an overpass in Texas and the migrant problem is the fault of the previous administration. If it wasn’t so horrible it would be funny.
    Did you see the photo of Cuomo walking outside wrapped in a blanket talking on the phone while drinking a beer? It is now a meme on Twitter.

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    • I’m not on twitter – i deleted my account when they banned the President because I don’t care if you like him or not, it’s not right to try to shut up the leader of the free world. My sister and I didn’t speak for a very long time and I don’t want to let politics come between us, as much as I disagree with her about this. I just let it be known that I don’t agree and change the subject. She thinks it’s horrible that I won’t mask up every time I leave the house, I tell her I don’t have cooties, we laugh and go back to gossiping about the other relatives, of whom we have a plethora.

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    • Also, If I have any questions about it, I’m asking you about the Wallaby!

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  2. We might have the same sister…

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    • Two years ago, we reconnected after 16 years of no real contact. I realized then that as much as she drives me crazy at times, she’s always been one of my best friends. Even during the worst of times, I would have taken a bullet for her, and I know she would have for me too. (We would NEVER have let each other forget that we did that, of course! “This limp? All your fault!” ) It was a tragedy that brought us back together – I’m not gonna let politics get between what we rediscovered. But I do have times of biting my tongue!

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      • My sister and I never had a blowup that we weren’t speaking to one another. Our politics don’t lineup so we just don’t discuss that. Her husband is an a$$ and likes to jab, texts only, never face-to-face. He sits in front of the tv ALL day and watches MSM. If it ain’t on there, it ain’t true.
        Regardless of her husband, I love my sister and she is my best friend, too.

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      • My oldest sister’s husband watches that crap all day too, but I don’t talk politics with that one. This is my next older sister, she’s only four years older than me but she thinks I’m still a little kid – I’m the youngest and they never really let you grow up, no matter how old you get! This one always manages to tell me how she’s gone somewhere and someone wasn’t wearing a mask and she was just so annoyed. I just let it slide. We actually never had a blow up, when my mom died a lot of stuff happened and we just drifted apart from all of it.


  3. Bitey Dog says:

    When you mentioned a Wallaby sweater, I was imagining one with a wallaby knit into the design. D’oh! Will you make the hooded or collared version?

    Perhaps the hope your sister spoke of is that originally we were told that perhaps we could maybe possibly consider thinking about opening after Christmas. July is much sooner…..

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    • I shall attempt the hooded version. Wonderful Wallaby is legendary in the knitting world but I’ve put off attempting one for years, till prodded by a fellow blogger. I’ll try to post updates as I work on it – but knitting time will be hard to come by in the next weeks. My sister has always been opinionated – and since she’s older than me, I pretty much always refuse to argue. We are a pair – if you’ve watched Grace and Frankie on Netflix, she is totally Grace and I am totally Frankie.

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  4. I just mind my own knitting but I have to say the most insidious invention ever when it comes to shopping after a a few drinks is that darn Amazon “Buy With One Click” button. Not speaking from personal experience, of course.

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  5. ReginaMary says:

    You are a pip. Yarn and self-control are counter-intuitive; don’t fight it and go with the flow. The world is nutty. I don’t think all of the border states are feeling the hope, but hey…what do I know. As for Andrew Cuomo? Ugh. The nursing home situation was horrible, now we are learning more about his nature. Then there is the Tappan Zee Bridge. Hard to defend any of this, really.

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  7. chrisknits says:

    So glad I am not the only one who can be led astray so easily! And VERY glad that my sister and I see eye to eye on the nutty politics! Will be watching for your cast on with the Wallaby!

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