Stress, stress and more stress

I’m crabby. I’m not sure if it’s the moon phase, the election, constant Covid crap, or just general annoyance with the world, but I’ve got a serious case of crabby pants the last couple of days. I’m tired, tired of people hating, people judging each other by whether or not they voted for a certain person – I was taught that was a nunya (as in nun ya bidness) – we did not talk about politics or religion in my family. I have no clue for whom parents voted, although I do know my father was not a fan of John Kennedy, not because of anything he did but because of Joe, the father. My parents may have spoken of politics when the kids weren’t around, but never in front of us that I recall.

I’m also tired of the mask debate. Wear one or don’t, just shut the hell up and stop the dueling “experts.” Anyone who’s done any kind of research into pretty much anything knows that you can always find an “expert” to back your theory of the way things should be. Don’t believe me? Go to any dog forum and ask what food you should feed your puppy, or better yet, bring up neutering. That one will get more crap thrown at you than you can imagine. (My own sister sends me articles that “prove” that I should have neutered Maverick at 6 months. Stuff it, I love you, but those go in the trash because MY experts say to wait. So there)

And then there are my darling students, who do not seem to grasp that A) I am not your previous instructor and no, I’m not going to change my entire teaching method because she did things differently, and B) “virtual” and “remote” learning are two very different animals. Virtual means you do it yourself, you are responsible, whereas remote means I hold your little hand and we have class, albeit on opposite sides of a computer screen. Also, I didn’t spend several hours creating content for you to tell me that there’s nothing in the class that explains anything.

Yesterday a new Supreme Court Justice was confirmed. I happen to like the lady, I think she’s smart, articulate and balanced. Hey, anyone who can get 7 kids to sit still through hours of hearings has got something going on! And I get some of the arguments of those who don’t agree with her confirmation, although I don’t agree. (Merrick Garland would never have been confirmed because the Senate didn’t have the votes, they knew it and decided not to pursue it – that’s the plain and simple truth) It’s the people screaming about RBG’s legacy who are standing on my nerves.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not OWN a seat on the Supreme Court and could not pass it on to someone like a diamond bracelet left to a favorite niece. She could have, and probably should have, retired while Obama was still in office had she been that concerned about her successor. You do not get to decide who gets your job once you’re dead, and death bed wishes are wonderful unless the survivors don’t want to hear them, and there’s nothing in the Constitution that says anyone had to do so with her.

Much as I’d like to tell my Dean to make sure one of my favorite grandchildren gets my job when I’m gone, that ain’t how the world works.

I’m tired of election commercials. Joe, when you tell me to “take my word for it,” I laugh myself stupid. (Did you take Hunter’s word for it that there was nothing bad on the laptop so don’t worry that I forgot to pick it up, Dad!) I trust you about as far as I can see with my eyes closed. And all the local politicians, just stop. Sending me daily crap in the mail just annoys me and clutters up my trash can. Try stopping that shit if you’re so concerned with saving the forests.

I’m tired of Covid. I’m tired of the fear mongering from the media who seem to want us all to cower in our houses and never go out. Yes, the number of cases are up, because DUH the number of testing is up. I read something today that said the number of deaths is down! And I KEEP seeing that there’s a 99% survival rate. I’m seeing students who cannot learn, faculty who are at their wits ends and parents who are just totally at a loss. People are depressed, people are terrified, this is no way to live We need to get back to our lives. Stop it, just stop it. I HATE seeing people outside in the fresh air wearing a damned mask. Let those of us who are adults and have been making decisions for ourselves for a long long time continue to do so, back off, sit down, shut up and do your damned jobs – my mom and dad are long dead and I don’t need a freakin babysitter.

And finally, dear Maverick, it is NOT necessary to bark your head off every time the wind blows a leaf around or a squirrel farts in the woods. Nor is it acceptable to be a total jackwagon at the park when Mommah has NOT had nearly enough coffee.

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17 Responses to Stress, stress and more stress

  1. ekurie says:

    Yes. You seem to have garnered all the common sense. Too bad media, some politicians and specialists don’t have any.

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  2. You are most definitely on everybody’s ass tonight, aren’tcha? Can’t say as I blame you. There’s a lot of craziness going around. Thing is, save some righteous outbursts for the next 8 weeks because you know things are going to be bat-crap nutso after the election no matter who comes out on top (assuming the counting ever ends.) Gotta pace yourself. Oh, and Mavs sent me a text saying he likes his nuts and would prefer you leave them be.

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  3. Bitey Dog says:

    Toby says: Wait, we’re NOT supposed to bark at squirrel farts?

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  4. Peachy says:

    You need a hug, and you’ll get plenty on Thursday 😉
    As for this world, I get it… everything’s getting old. I think we’re all a little overwrought, and 4-hour 4-day workweek should already be in place. Don’t you wish we can just literally climb into a book and not come out until we’re fine again?
    Thank God for family & friends & books & chocolate & warm hugs… they make us feel even just a little bit more fine again.

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  5. I don’t blame you for needing to vent some of your stress about these things. All of us, no matter or political affiliations, are tired of the lies coming from the ‘other side’, all of us have opinions on RGB’s replacement, none of us like wearing a mask, etc. I accept your opinions on these things, whether or not I agree with some of them, and am glad you’re able to let some of that out in this safe haven! And thankfully, I don’t like pea soup!


  6. :…does Elephant Man impersonation…:
    “I am not an animal! I am a human being!”

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