Root Canal

After experiencing jabbing pains in a lower front tooth, off I went to the dentist to learn that the nerve as dying (and apparently not going down easy) and I needed a root canal.

A week of antibiotics later, I was in the dentist chair, getting drilled and filled and hoping that this would be the end of the hurting. My mouth has been sore for 3 weeks, I can’t bite anything because it’s a front tooth and that is seriously annoying.

Two days out from the procedure, I’m eating soup, and get a jab in that tooth, again. Oh, come on! I went through two weeks of this nonsense, and then a week of antibiotics, and then the whole procedure and it STILL hurts? This is not what I expected.

I don’t deal well with pain. The only bright spot in this was that it snowed (and I hate snow) and so we were both off work, and the Bear could take care of the Teen Terror. I spent time upstairs scanning stuff and pouting because I really miss playing Sims and I don’t have a computer that will let me play Sims 2. I loved that game, I don’t want to sign into Origin every time I want to play -which is what you have to do with Sims 3 – and it just annoys the heck out of me that I can’t play games that I bought, and loved, because of some stupid “upgrades.” This is the kind of thing I think about when I hurt. Another bright spot was cleaning a lot of crap out of the spare bedroom – I can see the bed now!

So tomorrow I call the dentist and make sure that this random pain – which was a one shot deal – is normal. And pray I don’t have to make another trip to see him, because my dental insurance isn’t worth a tinker’s damn. Or maybe that’s a dam. I don’t know, it’s an expression my mother used!

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6 Responses to Root Canal

  1. ekurie says:

    I swear it’s a racket. I remember when cable companies uograded and you’d get so many more channels. Only you had to buy or lease “the box”. Same with computer games.
    Hope your tooth is better soon. He doesn’t believe in pain meds?? Or maybe you are a smart person that avoids them.


    • He does offer pain meds but didn’t think I need them – and apparently I’m a drama queen and this is normal, I just have little tolerance for pain. Hopefully within a few days it will be a bad memory – but I still won’t be able to play Sims!


  2. Actually, that old phrase “tinker’s dam” has an interesting history. Plumbers who needed to create a small pool of solder around a joint would use bread dough to create a temporary “dam”to hold the liquid solder until it cooled. Then the “dam” was thrown away as useless. Hence, not worth anything.

    I’ll bet you didn’t care at all about that little gem of wisdom. 🙂 I wouldn’t either if I had a sore tooth. I hate the dentist. Well, not personally, but, you know. (Pro tip: bourbon helps toothaches.)


    • Actually, I loved that little bit of wisdom – stuff like that fascinates me. Also, apparently I’m a drama queen and this is normal for a root canal. We have no bourbon, but Godiva chocolate liqueur is pretty tasty.


  3. Get better soon. 😦


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