Mob mentality and public shaming

I got slammed on Facebook for saying this.     Someone posted a picture of a license plate with the caption,” Share the hell out of this!   This bitch didn’t stop for a bus and this needs to go viral!”   

I’m not defending the person who didn’t stop for a school bus with flashing red lights.  I may not like kids but that doesn’t mean I think it’s okay to fly past a stopped school bus because you’re in a hurry, putting the lives of the little rats in danger.   

I stated that clearly.   What I said was, “Is anyone else bothered by the public shaming and the mob mentality that follows?”   Apparently I am not only the only person bothered by it, I am worse than pond scum for even considering that maybe this is not a wise choice.    

Are we so unaware or so naive, that we don’t realize that someone could track down that person and show up at her home?    Do you want to be responsible for that?   Does the driver need to be punished for her stupidity?  Hell yeah!  If one of my grandkids got hurt because someone couldn’t be bothered to wait 5 seconds for a bus, I’d be raining hell fire and brimstone on someone’s ass.   

And THAT is exactly why this kind of thing worries me.    I wouldn’t go to such lengths as to find someone whose information was posted like this.  But maybe someone else would.    Are we so intent on being self righteously angry – HOW DARE YOU DO THIS???????????   I AM SUPERIOR AND WILL SMITE YOU AND AND MAKE SURE EVERYONE IN THE WORLD KNOWS YOU MADE A MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – that we’re willing to ruin a life?

Flashback to Judge Kavanaugh – I guess we’ve answered that question.  

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4 Responses to Mob mentality and public shaming

  1. I think your first mistake was going on Facebook. Now, call me a curmudgeon (Facebook version: “You are a hateful, racist curmudgeon who needs deodorant!!!) but I don’t think much good comes from dialogues with strangers on Facebook or other social media. Well, except dog blogs. They’re OK. 🙂


  2. ekurie says:

    It’s terrifying actually. You are right. No one cares anymore and anonymity makes people their own little gods. They answer to no one. I got off fb months ago.


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