When you think you can’t and find out you can

One of my friends is heavily involved in Greyhound rescue and has been for years.    Last week, the voters in Florida chose to ban greyhound racing.    The implications of this decision are far reaching.   I won’t go into the lies that were told by PETA and HSUS to get this bill passed, or the blindness of those who believe them.    The result of this decision is that thousands, (yes, thousands, probably around 15,000) dogs will need homes in the next two years.   A good year was when 1000 dogs were placed.

I was very upset when I learned this bill had been passed.   My friend posted on facebook, and I told her I could make “belly bands.”  Basically these are diapers for the dogs to wear till house trained.   I’ve made them before, and I’m willing to make them again.

We talked in message.   She said that foster homes will be a desperate need, but without a fenced in area, I can’t do that part.   BUT, I thought, I know someone who can, and I also know someone who already fosters and works in rescue.    Within minutes I had connected my friends.

A few days later, a group has been formed and a sewing party planned.   There are also people with the ability to transport dogs.

I am amazed at how fast this came together.   Some days, I have little hope for the future of the world, little faith in the kindness of others.   This has been a blessing to me as well as to the dogs we’ll help.

I’ve never been part of something like this.  I am truly awed at the outpouring of goodness, in just a few days.


So…………..if you can help at all, contact your local greyhound rescue – or any rescue (not the ASPCA, they’re a bunch of crooks) and ask what you can do.   15,000 dogs will thank you.

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2 Responses to When you think you can’t and find out you can

  1. ekurie says:

    Thank you, thank you. I have never done anything hands-on like you are doing. I have supported Grey2k, and ASPCA, I had no idea they were no good!

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  2. I’ve met greyhounds, they are basically couch potatoes when they’re retired but they do need to go to families who know how to handle them. This is not a situation where they’ll go into shelters and Freddie and his wife Carol and their three darling kids will take one home. Vetting even foster families is a long process. This is really a disaster and an example of people thinking they’re doing something good when in reality they are not.

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