And he’s beautiful

Max will always be first – in my life, in my heart, in my soul.
He will always be my beautiful boy, the one I promised I would never leave.

He didn’t like to share, his toys, his food, his mom and dad.

If we were bringing home an older dog, he would not be happy about it.   A puppy, however, is a baby.   Max loved babies.   I think he’d understand that this little guy needs love and care and that Mom needs to give him that.

And he’ll be okay with it.

And so I present………..Maverick


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5 Responses to And he’s beautiful

  1. gizzylaw says:

    Welcome home, Maverick. You have a lot to learn (outside has a meaning, young pup!) and you have loving people to teach you. Pay attention. When it doubt, lick a someone’s nose. Or crawl into their lap. Either one works!

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    • and don’t forget to give them the big sad eyes – that gets you out of a lot of trouble!
      I’m certain Max will be around, teaching him how to be a good dog. I’m torn – sad still that I lost my Max, but ready for the adventures to come with Maverick

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  2. Wouldn’t mind borrowing Maverick for, oh, say 10-15 years or so.


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