when you’re just too tired to cast a spell

I was gonna devote tonight to study and some candle work but I’m just too tired

My day:

Get up, run errands, get ready for book group.

Go to book group, drive around aimlessly for 15 minutes hoping a parking place will open up because this is the city and there are no parking lots and this chick doesn’t do parallel parking unless it’s an absolute emergency, by which I mean, “never.”

Send annoyed message to group leader suggesting that further meetings be held in a place that actually has a parking lot.   Go home.

Gather stuff together, drive to park, walk five miles, then back home.

Clean bathrooms, get a shower because sunscreen is sticky stuff.

Start laundry

Grade projects for online class

Put laundry away

Make pizza for supper

More laundry

Is it bedtime yet?

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