thinking about every move

It’s tiresome to have to think about every move your body makes.   Sometimes I feel like I should write down every single thing I do in a day so I can go back and pinpoint the single thing that’s making me hurt so much today.   Shall I wrap myself in a warm fuzzy blanket and spend the day on the sofa?  Probably not, not moving makes me hurt almost as much as moving does.

I need to get back to walking.   As strange as it sounds, it helps – maybe it’s getting the joints moving or something, but it really does help.   The snow has made that impossible – it’s been over a week since we were able to get out for a walk.   We went past the park yesterday, it looked like a sheet of white everywhere.   That alone shows how bad this storm was, every other time it’s snowed, there are still people out walking the paths, making tracks for others to follow.  Not this time.   The entrances to the park are still plowed in, only one is open and it looked like only the parking lot is clear.

So is it from lack of walking?  Is it that I lifted a case of beer?  Is it that I took Max to the stores yesterday and he sort of wound himself around me, as he likes to do when he wants to leave?   Is it from our trip to the store on Friday, where we sat for two hours selling coupon books for the therapy group, and he pulled me around a good bit?   Or is it stress because classes have started and, as usual, I feel like I’m always catching up?

I wish there was a cure.


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