Oh, my heart

I have this condition –  – and I get twinges of pain, not often, but sometimes.   Some days are worse than others.   Weather, and stress created by weather, makes it worse.

The other day, this Rosie O’Donnell special came on tv.  We weren’t really paying attention, but she started talking about her heart attack – and how she didn’t have the normal symptoms, and what the symptoms were that she did have.

I get hot flashes, and I sometimes feel like there’s a band around my arm.   This is normal with my condition, but aching arms was one of her symptoms.    I get tired – really tired at times – this was another one of her symptoms.

So.  Now I’m thinking that every time I get a twinge, I need to see how tired I am, do my arms hurt, do I feel like throwing up?   Thanks,  Rosie – I know the purpose of the special was to educate people but really?  Telling me to go to the ER right away for all this would have me living there.   You did, however, increase my stress level.   Sigh

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