Lesson learned

I’ve proudly called myself a grammar nazi.  I’ve delighted in correcting people who use “to” instead of “too,”  or mess up “their, there, and they’re.”   

I have never been able to remember when to use “lay” and when to use “lie,” but no problem, I have a “friend” who (I seem to be using a lot of apostrophes tonight) who delights in correcting me every time I use either word.  

Tonight was about the 12,000th time she corrected me and I lost my temper and told her how I felt about it.   

And then I realized that I’ve done the same thing – and most likely come off as the same smug, arrogant, bitch.   

I hereby resign my Grammar Nazi title.   Go merrily on misusing the English language, I will no longer be the “I’m smarter than you,” witch I’ve been in the past.   

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