Oh, the pain

Of a dog yanking you around.    I’m dogsitting this week.   For a cute little mixed breed beagle type dog, who is a ball of energy and is terribly excited about being in the country with all kinds of wonderful things to SNIFF and OMG, there’s a SQUIRREL and it smells good over THERE!   He takes off full bore and gets to the end of the lead and about takes my arm out of the socket.

The flexi-lead is going away.   Tonight.   He’s going on a regular lead and hopefully the running and yanking will stop.   I spent half the day on the sofa, shooting pains in my ribs – which were already sore – and across my shoulders – from the jerking.   Max pulls, but it’s constant, it’s not this yanking, jerking that about dislocates my shoulder.

Oh, I like the little guy.  But this has to stop.

Max is not impressed.   He seems scared by the little guy – who’s being called Fred because Bear forgot his real name.   Fred tends to be very vocal, growly when he plays.   Max is just a touch unsure.   It’s kind of strange because they played well when Fred visited.   Max is weird about company.   I hope it gets better in the next couple of days.   

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